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First Car Accident in the U.S.

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Early Automobile Industry in Ohio and First Accident Detroit was not the only early automobile manufacturing hotspot. In fact, Ohio was also highly involved in the early automobile industry. Several automobile manufacturers were located in Ohio, like Winton Motor Car Company, White Motor Company, and Baker Motor Vehicle Company. The First Car Accident The first gasoline automobile made…

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Road Rage & Aggressive Driving

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What is road rage? Road rage is aggressive and angry behavior from someone driving a vehicle. Road rage can manifest itself through verbal altercation, by yelling or screaming at someone else like another driver, or even a pedestrian or a cyclist. Physical road rage shows itself by driving unsafely, often too closely behind another vehicle in order to…

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Texting while driving accidents

Car Accident Attorney for Distracted Driving

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Distracted Driving Car Accident Lawyer  Driving distracted is dangerous. Distractions can be visual, manual, or cognitive. Visual distractions take your eyes off the road. Manual distractions take your hands off the wheel. Cognitive distractions take your mind off of driving. According to Ohio law, driving distracted means that driver is engaging in any activity that is not necessary…

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Car accidents

Rear-End Collisions and Whiplash

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What is a Rear-End Collision? A rear-end collision happens when one vehicle runs into the vehicle in front of it. While rear-end accidents can range from a simple fender bender to a dangerous collision, they happen for several reasons. The rear driver is driving too close to the front driver. The rear driver is driving distracted, for example,…

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Car Accident Lawyer Darke County

Scars & Limb Loss Due to Accidents

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Dealing with Scars due to Personal Injury Scars and limb loss are less common, but still frequent, types of injuries that can result from car accidents. Scarring or disfigurement may happen directly from injuries sustained in the collision or from surgery resulting from the accident. Limb loss and amputations of limbs tend to happen during the aftermath of…

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Six Reasons Semi-Truck Accidents are Different From Car Crashes

By | Car Crashes, Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys - Kruger & Hodges, Truck Accidents

There are some substantial differences in the ways passenger vehicle crashes and accidents involving commercial motor vehicles are handled. There are many different variables to be considered depending on the nature of your crash; the following reviews some of the most major differences between these two major types of accidents. Truck Accidents Often Result in More Substantial Damage…

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