Personal Injury Law Firm in Eaton, Ohio

Eaton, Ohio is a great American small town and that is where we like having our offices.  We opened our office at 200 Washington Jackson Road Suite 3, Eaton, Ohio to better serve Eaton and the Preble County area.  We help individuals injured through no fault of their own in all types of accidents but the majority of our cases fall within one of the following categories (please click on any links to learn more about a particular category):

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Truck Accidents

Dog Bites

Personal Injury General

Community Involvement

One of the most rewarding parts of our business is giving back to the communities we serve.  We grew up one county south in Butler County, Ohio and have found many ways to give back there.  Being newer in Eaton,  we are looking for ways to make a positive impact here so if you have any ideas of how we can help give us a call regardless if it is sponsoring a little league team or mentoring a young person who may be thinking about the career in the law we want to help.

More Information about Eaton, Ohio

Founded in 1806 by William Bruce, Eaton is located in Preble County, Ohio. Eaton is about 24 miles west of Dayton, Ohio. Officially established with about 1000 residents in 1846, Eaton was named after General William Eaton. General Eaton led American troops in the First Barbary War in Tripoli between 1801-1805. Other streets around Eaton are also named after soldiers that served in the First and Second Barbary Wars.

According to the 2020 census, Eaton is home to 8,097 people. The local government is led by the mayor, vice mayor, and three councilmembers. The council members are elected, and then they appoint the mayor and vice mayor.

The public school system has two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Additionally, Edison State Community College at Eaton is located in the city.

In its early days, the town grew steadily, due to its central location between crossroads. Tragically, an outbreak of cholera hit Eaton in 1849. Several hundred people left, and over 100 died. Ten years later, there was a large fire burning down over a dozen businesses. The city had to rebuild.

At the beginning of its founding, many of Eaton’s residents worked in the limestone quarries nearby. The tobacco and cigar industries grew larger. F.P. Filbert, a cigar company, became Eaton’s largest employer in the late 1800s. Today, main industries in Eaton include manufacturing, health care, and retail.

Eaton is host to the annual Preble County Pork Festival. It started in 1970 to showcase Preble County’s exciting pork industry. Over the years, the festival has raised a significant amount of money, giving it right back to the community. Since the first festival, over $2,000,000 has been donated to the construction of new buildings, fixing roads, and other maintenance projects around the county.

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