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Should I Go to Urgent Care After a Car Accident in Middletown?

Should I Go to Urgent Care After a Car Accident in Middletown? The attorneys at Kruger & Hodges have spent years talking to police, fire, and EMS professionals who respond to car crashes. One thing we’ve learned is that injuries may not always appear immediately at the scene. 

A car accident is an adrenaline-inducing experience. Adrenaline can also numb pain receptors so that you can survive whatever ordeal you’re going through. However, some hidden injuries can manifest with more severe symptoms later on. 

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Middletown, we strongly suggest you visit an urgent care facility or your primary care physician. 

Injuries such as internal bleeding or traumatic brain injuries may reveal themselves later on after the adrenaline and shock wears off. Additionally, if first responders are at the scene and suggest you get checked out, you should heed their advice. 

Aside from the Potential Injuries, Why is it Necessary to go to Urgent Care?

If you’re uncertain about your injuries, it is necessary to go to urgent care to begin the creation of a medical record related to your crash. This serves multiple purposes in the event your case is taken to mediation or litigation.

A prompt visit to urgent care would show the judge that you were considering your health and wellbeing in a serious and time-sensitive manner. The visit will document what injuries you have and the closer this happens to the time of the crash, the easier it will be to argue that the car accident was the cause of the injury. 

If you visit an urgent care center a month after your crash, the lack of promptness may allow the insurance company or opposing counsel to say that you acquired your injury from another source. Instead, it is important to make a time-sensitive connection to the injury and its cause. 

Lastly, it is also a good idea to rule out injuries and get a clean bill of health. This will allow you peace of mind in knowing you don’t have to worry about TBIs, internal bleeding, or other injuries that manifest slowly. 

I’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident But I Don’t Have Insurance. Where Do I Go?

If you do not have health insurance but have sustained an injury from a car accident, it is still advisable to visit an urgent care center. These facilities may have options to bill at an uninsured rate, which is often less than what they would bill an insurance company. Although hospital visits can be expensive, your health and wellbeing are worth it.

Additionally, if you were hurt in a car accident that was caused by someone else, you may still be able to get compensated for your medical bills. This is because most policies have a specific form of coverage for uninsured drivers. 

If you are driving without car insurance and were not at fault, your claim will still proceed as usual. However, you will face some consequences that, compared to the risk of dealing with injuries, are less significant. Although you may receive compensation for your injuries if you were not at fault, you may face license suspension consequences and the subsequent fees that would follow in order to reinstate your license. 

If you are driving without both health insurance and car insurance, and are the cause of the crash, you may be liable for a significant amount of out-of-pocket payments that would be made to the other party. 

Contact The Middletown Law Offices of Kruger & Hodges 

Over our years of experience, the attorneys at Kruger & Hodges have met with and visited many clients who have sustained serious injuries from crashes. We know how debilitating and stressful these events can be. We want to make sure you do not experience avoidable pain and suffering, which is why we strongly recommend you visit an urgent care center after a car accident in Middletown. 

Additionally, if you are thinking about exploring your options on how to move forward after a car accident, please contact us for a free consultation. Our attorneys bring years of experience in handling personal injury cases, and we will make sure to pursue the best possible outcome for your case.  


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