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R and L Carriers Truck Accidents

R and L Carriers Truck Accidents

R and L Carriers started out in 1965 as a small single-truck operation in the Midwest. Today, the company’s headquarters remain here in the Midwest, in a small town of Wilmington, Ohio, just northeast of Cincinnati. Known for its LTL (“less-than-truckload”) services, the company has expanded rapidly in recent years, hitting back at competitors like Yellow, Estes, ABF Freight, and Roadway. R and L Carriers also does nationwide, coast-to-coast, over-the-road hauling. This makes them a versatile and expanding corporation.

Injuries Caused by R and L Carriers

For injury victims who suffer at the hands of careless truck drivers and negligent companies, it can be difficult to understand why such a profitable and growing corporation would refuse to pay for the harm it caused, but this is sadly just part of many trucking companies business models. It is also largely due to the insurance companies that provide coverage the company.

Today, R and L Carriers is estimated to be the 22nd largest trucking operation in the U.S. The company also has a number of subsidiary companies in smaller markets, including:

  • Greenwood Motor Lines
  • Paramount Transportation
  • Gator Freightways

The company has over 5,600 trucks and more than 5,700 drivers, collectively. Revenue in 2017 was around $1.5 billion.

What Big Motor Carriers Like R and L do After an Accident

After a collision, regardless of fault, most trucking companies take aggressive steps to conceal any possibility of being held liable. This can include things like:

  • Having an investigator come to the scene, secure evidence, take victim statements, photograph the scene, and destroy damning evidence
  • Making rapid repairs to the truck

Another key issue is that major freight companies like R and L Carriers often rely on their insurance carriers to deny liability, even when it is obvious. They might claim injuries were pre-existing, despite no evidence of it. Ultimately, when it comes to avoiding liability, major trucking companies tend to subscribe to the following three techniques:

  • Deny
  • Delay
  • Deceive

After a serious crash that causes injuries or death, victims and their families deserve aggressive and skilled legal representation right away. The longer a person waits for help, the more likely the trucking company will escape liability, hide evidence and take steps to make it the victim’s fault. If the medical bills are piling up and income is tight do to a serious or even fatal injury, the last thing a family needs is to be left uncompensated. This is often considered the second injury after a crash.

Call a Truck Accident Attorney

At Kruger & Hodges, our attorneys tirelessly put our clients first. We understand the trucking industry and understand how to make them pay for their negligence. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer today. There is no obligation, and the call is free. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to collect compensation.

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