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UPS Truck Accident

UPS Truck Accidents

With major operating hubs in Louisville and Cincinnati, United Parcel Service (UPS) is a major employer and major trucking operation in the southern Ohio region. UPS is known for having safe and reliable drivers, but this is not universal. Sadly, although most truck drivers are professionals who work hard to drive safely every day, there are those who rush and cut corners to make a little extra money. When UPS is involved in a trucking collision, the company has special response teams available to arrive on scene to protect the company’s interests. If you are involved in a crash with a negligent or careless UPS driver, whether a large semi-tractor-trailer or a package delivery truck, you need aggressive representation from truck accident lawyer who will jump into action right away to protect your interests. If you are involved in a UPS truck accident, here are some unique things to consider.

Is it Really an Employee that Caused Your UPS Truck Accident?

Do not assume that just because the trailer says UPS it is actually owned and controlled by the company. Most UPS freight is hauled by company employees in tractor units owned by UPS, but this is not universal. Increasingly, UPS, like other major freight companies, is using contract drivers. This means that although the freight may be UPS freight, and the trailer may be owned by the company, the tractor may be owned by a separate small business that is owned and operated by a self-employed contractor. These owner-operator drivers may have different insurance policies and different responsibilities. This can make a big difference when filing a claim for compensation after an accident.

How to Access Black Boxes

Most late model vehicles and commercial trucks now are outfitted with electronic crash recorders. These are often abbreviated as “ECR” or “EDR.” These so-called “black boxes” are installed in the vehicle for the purpose of monitoring data in the event of a crash. There are limitations to the type and use of data obtained. Data is downloaded from the vehicle’s computer, and the data requires interpretation. In the hands of the lay person, this data may look like random numbers in a series of lines. This is why experienced truck accident lawyers work closely with forensic engineers and crash reconstruction investigators who have the specific training needed to interpret the data and make sense of the implications. For instance, certain data may indicate a rapid deceleration prior to impact, strongly suggesting that the person did not use the brakes but rather stopped due to the impact.

UPS Company Policy for Truck Accidents

UPS is a union workforce. In most parts of the country, company drivers are union members who are subject to strict DOT regulations and company policies that restrict the hours and routes drivers can work. If injured by a UPS driver, you need to work with the right type of attorney. Preferably, you should speak to an attorney who can obtain UPS internal rules and policies and use those to prove the careless or reckless disregard of the driver who caused the accident. At Kruger & Hodges, consultations are always free. Contact us to discuss the injuries from your UPS truck accident and learn more about your right to compensation.

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