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Car Accident Lawyer Franklin, Ohio

Franklin, Ohio Car Accident Attorney

Cars are considered innovative in terms of how they manage to help us get from one place to another. However, cars can also become dangerous machines in the hands of reckless or drunk drivers. Despite numerous public education campaigns about safe driving, there are many different factors that contribute to car accidents in Franklin. For instance, other causes of car accidents may include speeding, getting distracted while driving, driving while fatigued, and running past red lights or stop signs.

Car accidents are so common in the state of Ohio that one happens almost every day. Back in 2019, it was reported that up to 1,041 fatal car crashes happened. Even if you are extremely careful behind the wheel, it only takes one second for things to go seriously bad and for a crash to ensure. As a motorist or pedestrian, you should know what to do if you happen to be a victim or party involved in a car accident.

Common Types of Car Accidents

There are many types of car accidents that a driver in Franklin might experience. These include rear-end accidents, head-on crashes, rollover accidents, and hit-and-run accidents.

  • Rear-end accidents: Rear-end accidents, being the most common type of automotive accident, happens when a car crashes into the tail end of another vehicle. These accidents may lead the victim to suffer injuries such as neck injuries, head injuries, or other severe injuries. In rear-end accidents, it is usually the backmost driver’s fault.
  • Head-on crashes: Extremely serious and often fatal, head-on car accidents happen when two cars traveling toward each other from opposite directions crash into one another. The impact of the cars can be quite significant, depending on how fast they were going. In some cases, the drivers, upon collision, might fly forward crashing into an object. This may lead to them suffering extremely serious injuries and often death.
  • Rollover accidents: Motorists and their passengers may also sustain severe injuries when a car rolls over in a crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there are more fatalities in rollover accidents than from any other type of crash. NHTSA further states that more than 10,000 people die in such accidents. Rollover accidents often happen because of reckless drivers or even design flaws associated with the car itself.
  • Hit-and-run accidents: Hit-and-run accidents often impact pedestrians who are run over by vehicles that then flee the scene. In most cases, motorists flee from the scene because they have no insurance to cover the accident. Alcohol can also be a major factor as to why a driver would flee. A driver can also flee from the scene because they may have no license to give the police once questioning begins.

What You Should Do Following a Car Accident

If you happen to be in a car accident here in Ohio, be sure to contact the authorities first. It is also recommended to call for emergency medical assistance right away. You must ensure that you, your passengers, and the other parties involved are safe from harm. Once any injuries are treated, it is important to take notes of the drivers’ details, such as their names, insurance companies, make and model of their cars, their license plate numbers, and other relevant information.

It would also be best to see a doctor right away to have a formal assessment of any injuries that you may have suffered in the accident. Going to the doctor would not only help you recover, but it can also allow you to officially document any injuries you may have sustained in the crash.

Claiming Damages

Ohio is considered an at-fault state. This means that the parties who caused an accident will have to pay for damages with their own money. Ohio state law favors the victim more because victims can file a claim against those responsible as soon as they can.

There are two kinds of damages you can claim under Ohio’s state laws namely, economic damages and non-economic damages. To claim economic damages, you should document your financial losses associated with the accident. The losses you have incurred can also include lost wages. On the other hand, to claim non-economic damages, you must prove that you have suffered emotional pain due to your injuries. Furthermore, a victim’s family can claim non-economic damages if their loved ones died because of the accident.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are dangerous, but they can sometimes be avoided by being responsible and attentive in traffic. Even so, accidents can still happen due to the fault of another. It is important to immediately contact a trusted lawyer to handle your case. To learn more about how we can help you after a car accident, please contact us here at Kruger & Hodges. We can schedule a free, no-risk case evaluation to help you better understand your rights.

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