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Case Illustration of Semi-Truck Accident Injury Claim in Ashville, OH

Ashville, OH is a small village in Pickaway County, with a population of about 4,800. Located 17 miles south of Columbus, many people commute to the state capital for work. Jim was headed to his job as an architect in Columbus on Highway 23 when a truck driver who was exceeding the speed limit hit him from behind. The accident left Jim with whiplash, a back injury, and a broken arm and wrist which kept him from returning to work. Jim watched his medical bills mount alarmingly and was unable to pay his family’s normal monthly bills because he was not able to work. Jim needs an Ashville, OH semi-truck accident lawyer from Kruger & Hodges who can help him get an equitable settlement for his injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  

Truck Accident Crash Statistics in Ashville, OH

According to the Institute of Safer Trucking, the state of Ohio has seen a significant increase in the number of truck accident-related fatalities over the last ten years—a 45 percent increase. Almost a third of all semi-truck accidents in the state occur in a road construction zone, usually because truck drivers fail to slow down. The top five counties in the state of Ohio for the highest number of semi-truck accidents include Franklin, Geauga, Montgomery, Lucas, and Cuyahoga. 

How Truck Accidents Can Lead to TBI, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Scarring

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Catastrophic injuries are those that cause lifelong changes for the victim. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis, amputated limbs, blindness, and disfiguring scars are just a few of the injuries that are considered catastrophic. A person who is paralyzed as the result of a truck accident, or one that has suffered a severe traumatic brain injury may require lifelong assistance, rehabilitative therapies, and ongoing medical care. 

Semi-Truck Accident FAQs

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents, like two-car accidents, are often caused by driver negligence. The truck driver may have been distracted, overly fatigued, impaired, or simply driving recklessly. Driver distractions may include talking on a cell phone, reading or sending a text, eating an entire meal, fiddling with the truck or GPS controls, or talking to a passenger. Reckless driving behaviors include exceeding the speed limit, failing to yield, and switching lanes without properly looking for smaller vehicles. In other cases, inclement weather may have contributed to the accident. 

How Do Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents?

Truck accidents primarily differ from car accidents in the level of injuries sustained by those in smaller vehicles. A small passenger vehicle is simply no match for an 80,000-pound fully loaded truck. If the truck is carrying hazardous cargo, the damages can increase exponentially. In addition to more severe injuries or fatalities, a semi-truck accident may have several different liable parties. Your Ashville OH can guide you through the claim process, arguing your case in court if the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement. 

What is Third-Party Negligence?

Third-party negligence in a truck accident means that an external factor contributed to the accident. In other words, the truck driver is the first person who will be looked at to determine liability. Third-party liable parties who could have played a part in your truck accident include:

  • The trucking company could be liable if they failed to properly vet the driver, or failed to ensure the driver was properly trained. If the trucking company was aware the driver was exceeding his or her hours of service and truck driver fatigue was a contributing factor, the trucking company could also be held liable. 
  • The maintenance company may have failed to properly check the tires and brakes which led to an accident. If faulty equipment contributed to the accident, the maintenance company could be partially responsible. It is the maintenance company’s duty to notify the driver about any potential problems, as well as repairing any defective parts. 
  • The loading company may be partially liable if the cargo was not properly loaded and shifting or falling cargo caused the truck driver to lose control. 
  • If a defective truck part caused the accident, your attorney may file a product liability claim to hold the manufacturer responsible. 
  • While rare, if a damaged road caused an accident, a government entity may be liable. Suing a governmental entity comes with its own set of rules and statutes of limitations.

How Can Ashville, OH Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Help with the Claims Process?

Determining the liable party is the key component in your truck accident. The trucking company will do its best to deny responsibility, making it up to your attorney to gather evidence that supports your version of the accident. The police report, any video of the accident, and witness statements can all help prove liability. The Kruger & Hodges law firm has the necessary resources to provide an accident reconstructionist when necessary for proof of liability. 

Once liability is determined, your Ashville, OH semi-truck accident lawyers will then ensure you are receiving the medical treatments you need before turning to calculate your damages. Your damages may include medical expenses, both current and future, lost wages, lost future wages, and pain and suffering damages. Those who have one of the strong Kruger & Hodges Ashville, OH semi-truck accident lawyers on their side will immediately garner the respect of the insurance company and a much better settlement as a result. 

How Do I Know Whether I Have a Semi-Truck Accident Case?

The best way for you to know whether you have a valid semi-truck accident case is to speak to a Kruger & Hodges attorney. We will evaluate the circumstances of your truck accident, determine the parties that are liable for the accident, and carefully calculate your damages. The worth of your case will be determined based on the extent of your injuries, how long your medical treatments will continue, how long you will be unable to work, and to what extent your injuries have affected your ability to perform day-to-day activities. Pain and suffering damages cover both actual pain as well as emotional pain and trauma. If your injuries have significantly altered your enjoyment of life, this will be factored in as well. 

How to Choose the Best Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer for Me

As you deal with significant injuries and an unclear future in the wake of a terrifying semi-truck accident in Ashville, Ohio, the road ahead may seem difficult. In situations like these, choosing a trustworthy attorney becomes crucial and may have a significant impact. Having a legal team that not only comprehends the difficulties of your case but also commands the respect of insurance companies is essential.

Finding the best personal injury attorney is essential to the success of your case if you were hurt in a semi-truck accident as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when you choose the best lawyer to represent you in your complex semi-truck accident cases in Ashville:

Seasoned Experience: Because semi-truck accident lawsuits are so complex, you need a lawyer who has expertise in dealing with them. Find a lawyer with experience in fighting cases and negotiating settlements on behalf of clients who have been injured in semi-truck accidents.

Trusted Testimonials: Online reviews can provide some information, but personal referrals from friends, relatives, or acquaintances can offer insightful first-person stories of working with a competent personal injury attorney in the Ashville area.

Empathetic Communication: Recovering from a semi-truck collision can be a stressful process. You deserve a legal representative that will pay attention to your worries, communicate openly, and keep you updated at every stage of the case.

Access to Resources: Resources, such as expert witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists, are frequently required in semi-truck accident cases. Make sure the attorney or legal company you choose has the resources and connections to develop a compelling argument on your behalf.

Availability and Support: Having a lawyer who is readily available and attentive to your requirements is crucial during this trying time. Pick a legal team that actually cares about your welfare and is available to answer your inquiries and handle your worries.

Transparent Fee Structure: Your stress level may increase if you are concerned about your finances. Ask potential attorneys about their price schedule while talking with them, and make sure there aren’t any extra fees or surprises later on.

At Kruger & Hodges, we are adamant that your first meeting with one of our experienced Ashville, OH semi-truck accident lawyers will help you make sense of your options. We have extensive experience advocating for the rights of Ashville citizens who have been harmed by semi-truck accidents because we are sympathetic, diligent, and skilled. Allow us to serve as the solid foundation you need to face the future with courage and assurance.

How Can the Kruger & Hodges Ashville, OH Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Help?

When life doesn’t go as planned, it is essential that you have a lawyer you can trust by your side. At Kruger & Hodges, we have experience on both sides—defending the government and big corporations, and fighting for individuals who are injured, financially devastated, and unable to fight for themselves. We know all the tactics and tricks big trucking and insurance companies will try in order to pay you a much smaller settlement than you are entitled to. 

Our attorneys have seen our own loved ones injured as the result of another’s negligence, which makes us especially empathetic to your current situation. Our compassionate law practice is committed to pursuing justice for our neighbors. We also believe you need and deserve an accessible attorney who answers when you call and who really listens to you. When the worst possible scenario becomes a reality, contact the Kruger & Hodges Ashville, OH semi-truck accident lawyers. 

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