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drunk driving accident victims in eaton oh

Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Eaton, OH

If you or a loved one have been injured by a drunk driver, contact our Eaton, OH law offices today. At Kruger & Hodges, we’ve helped many drunk driving accident victims seek justice after such accidents. So if you feel alone, not sure where to start, our law firm is always one phone call away. 

Drunk driving accidents are increasingly becoming a major point of concern in Eaton. These incidents are all over the news – you’ll see them on the TV, hear them on local radio stations, and read about them all over social media. 

The saddest thing about these kinds of accidents is that they can always be avoided. But thanks to negligence and bad decisions, many kids grow up without their parents, many workers can no longer fend for themselves, and many careers end too soon. 

So if you or any of your loved ones are drunk driving accident victims in Eaton, OH, we might be able to help. 

What Are Common Injuries Caused By Drunk Driving Accidents?

Drunk driving accidents cause a wide range of injuries, depending on the severity of the accident. For example, traumatic brain injuries are quite common in these accidents. They usually lead to memory loss, poor hearing, among other effects. 

Spinal injuries are also pretty common. These injuries cause nerve damage, including partial or permanent paralysis.

Some accident victims also suffer internal organ damage. When that happens, they may experience internal bleeding, increasing the risk of a coma due to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain. 

Accident victims may also suffer several broken bones. As a result, they may need months or even years of physical therapy to recover after surgery. 

Soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, are common. The same applies to burns, which occur when fuel or gasses from the vehicle get in contact with fire.

What Should I Do After Getting Injured By a Drunk Driver?

Getting injured by a drunk driver can be a traumatic experience. However, there are certain important things you can do to help recover both physically, emotionally, and financially. 

Although every accident is different, here are some important tips to remember if you or your beloved gets injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver: 

Safety always comes first. If possible, find a safe spot, preferably away from oncoming traffic, to protect yourself.

Also, if possible, ensure everyone involved in the accident is safe. 

Call 911 immediately and request an ambulance if you or anyone else has suffered serious injuries.

Your health is important. Ensure you see a doctor no later than 14 days after the accident, even if you feel okay. Some of these injuries take time to manifest themselves because your body is still in shock after the accident. 

Do not discuss the accident with the other driver’s insurer unless when disclosing the date, location, and other basic information. Similarly, do not accept the initial offer from the insurance company. 

Contact an attorney with experience fighting for the rights of drunk driving accident victims in Eaton, OH.  

How Does the Car Accident Claim Process Work?

As mentioned before, each car accident is unique. For this reason, the claims process varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Below is an overview of how the claims process works when a person gets injured by a drunk driver. 

The individual can file a claim independently with the driver’s insurer or hire an attorney to do it on their behalf. The latter is always recommended.

The attorney evaluates the victim’s claim to determine whether they have a valid case against the other party. Once they have determined that the other party was responsible for the accident, the attorney will help strengthen the case. 

To build a stronger case, the car accident lawyer will interview witnesses, reconstruct the accident scene, examine available evidence, consult experts from different fields, etc. 

The attorney will also evaluate the damages suffered by the accident victim. These damages usually fall under two categories:

Economic damages: This is when the plaintiff seeks compensation for the financial losses caused due to the accident. Examples include medical expenses, cost of care, loss of wages, loss of earning potential, transportation costs, etc. 

Non-economic damages: The direct opposite, these damages include inconvenience, emotional distress, suffering, pain, loss of enjoyment of life, etc. 

The next step is to file a claim with the other party’s insurance company, something your attorney will do on your behalf. The attorney will also represent you during the negotiations with the insurance provider’s representatives.

The payment will be processed within a specific timeframe if they reach an agreement. If they fail to agree, the attorney will most likely file a lawsuit, presenting the case in front of a judge. 

What to Look for In a Car Accident Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney to represent you can be an overwhelming experience. However, that shouldn’t be the case, especially when you know exactly what to look for. 

In short, you need an attorney:

  • with proven experience handling these kinds of cases;
  • who sounds knowledgeable about your case;
  • with powerful legal resources to fight for you or your loved one;
  • who is willing to take the case to court if the other party refuses to settle;
  • who has great reviews from past clients;
  • who responds to your calls or emails within a reasonable timeframe, usually 24 hours;
  • who has time for your case and won’t just shelve it away after signing you up as their client; and
  • who is honest about your case and does not make empty promises;

Why Choose Kruger & Hodges Car Accident Attorneys

You will have many options when looking for the best attorney with experience representing drunk driving accident victims in Eaton, OH. But you should not choose just any attorney or law firm you come across.

Instead, opt for an attorney with proven experience handling drunk driving cases in Eaton. From our experience as a law firm, we know that experience, compassion, and time are some of the most important things to look for in a competent attorney.

But gladly, you don’t need to search further. At Kruger & Hodges, we will fight for you as you focus on healing after a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Contact us for a free, confidential case evaluation. 

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