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Injuries Caused by Rear-End Auto Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that among the six million car accidents that occur each year in the United States, over 40% of these accidents are rear-end collisions.  Although many read-end auto accidents are minor, others can cause serious and even life-threatening injuries.

What is a Rear-End Collision?

A rear-end collision occurs when the front of a vehicle strikes the rear of a vehicle traveling in front of it. While rear-end collisions frequently involve only two vehicles, rear-end accidents can sometimes involve multiple vehicles. Some of the most common causes of rear-end collisions include:

  • Adverse weather conditions including ice and rain
  • A driver’s failure to pay attention to his or her surroundings
  • A driver not leaving adequate space between his or her car and surrounding vehicles
  • Speeding or traveling at excessive speeds for current conditions
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Unfortunately, rear-end accidents happen quite often, and the resulting property damage and physical injuries can be severe.

Property Damage Due to Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions frequently result in property damage to vehicles as well as injuries to the vehicles’ occupants. The damage that occurs depends on several factors including the types of vehicles involved and the speed at which they were traveling at the time of the collision. Sometimes, damage to vehicles might not appear to be substantial, but on closer inspection, it is quite serious.

In order to increase your chances of receiving compensation after your rear-end accident, it is important to document the damage immediately following the collision with your smartphone’s camera.

Injuries Due to Rear-End Collisions

While some rear-end accidents result in no injuries at all, more serious rear-end collisions frequently result in one of several common types of injuries that can significantly impact an accident victim’s life.

Some of the most common types of injuries that victims face as a result of rear-end collisions include:

  • Brain injuries: Traumatic brain damage can result in life-changing complications and sometimes even death.
  • Broken bones: While some broken bones require a person to wear a cast for a period of time, some bone breakages can be much more serious and result in internal organ damage as well as other complications.
  • Concussions: A concussion occurs when a person’s brain strikes his or her skull. Unfortunately, these injuries are not sometimes immediately noticeable. Some of the symptoms associated with concussions include blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, and inability to concentrate.
  • Herniation: These injuries occur when the outer layer of the discs in a person’s back or other areas becomes torn. Some of the signs of herniation include numbness, tingling, severe back pain, and in the worst cases, even paralysis.
  • Spinal injuries: Due to the sudden and unexpected motions that occur in car accidents, a significant amount of pressure can end up being absorbed by your spine. Frequently painful, spinal injuries are characterized by dizziness, headaches, and impaired vision.

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

While rear-end collisions can occur suddenly, they can leave you facing a number of serious complications including life-changing injuries and large medical bills. Contact an experienced car accident attorney at Kruger & Hodges today for assistance.

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