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Legal Options Following a State Route 127 Wreck

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This highway, which opened as a dirt road in 1912, basically runs parallel to the Indiana-Ohio border in the extreme western part of the Buckeye State. State Route 127, like many other old highways, has not kept pace with automotive innovations. As a result, parts of State Route 127 are extremely hazardous. In fact, at…

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A Closer Look at Vehicle Collisions on State Route 4

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This highway, parts of which date back to the horse-and-buggy days of 1912, was designed to be Ohio’s back road. For many decades, that was the case. State Route 4 runs from Sandusky to Cincinnati. Between the two, it passes through mostly small towns. Today, the traffic on State Route 4, both in terms of…

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Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Injuries

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Our sincerest apologies to the Motown group Martha and the Vandellas for expropriating their song title. Producers initially pitched this song to Marvin Gaye as a soulful ballad. But he immediately and correctly thought the song would be a better dance number. In the early 1960s, Martha and the Vandellas recorded the song, which became…

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Walmart, Rumpke, Kroger, and FedEx Delivery Truck Accidents in Ohio

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Federal and state laws, like hours of service truck driver laws, closely regulate long-distance deliveries. But these laws usually do not apply to short-haul or last-mile deliveries. The accident statistics reflect this fact. Long-haul delivery accidents are somewhat rare, but last-mile accidents are somewhat common. Walmart, Rumpke, Kroger, and FedEx delivery truck accidents cause serious…

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The Five Worst Semi-Truck Crashes in History

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Railroad cars delivered most goods to most warehouses before 1900. That began changing in 1903 when Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and his mechanic drove a Winston Automobile from New York to California in just over two months. Because of the lack of good roads, the pair took various ropes and pulleys with them, so they…

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