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The Five Worst Semi-Truck Crashes in History

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Railroad cars delivered most goods to most warehouses before 1900. That began changing in 1903 when Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and his mechanic drove a Winston Automobile from New York to California in just over two months. Because of the lack of good roads, the pair took various ropes and pulleys with them, so they…

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The First Motorcycle Crashes in U.S. History

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Harley-Davidson and a few other companies started making and selling motorcycles in the United States around 1900. By about 1910, motordomes, or wooden race tracks, were popular in Los Angeles and other cities. Spectators gathered along the edge of the track and watched motorcycles, which did not have brakes, race at speeds over 100mph, an…

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What You Should Know About Vehicle Collisions on State Highway 127

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On the map, an almost perfectly straight line connects Cincinnati and Waldron, Michigan, which is just across the Ohio state line. Likewise, State Highway 127 is an almost perfectly straight line. This design efficiently moves traffic from Point A to Point B. But it also contributes to fatigued driving, which is a serious problem in…

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What Causes Accidents on State Route 4 in Southwest Ohio?

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The intersection of New Carlisle Pike/Lower Valley Pike and State Route 4 is one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway in Ohio. The expressway-like intersection is uncontrolled, and the median is too narrow to permit safe large truck left turns. Between 2012 and 2018, more than a dozen crashes at this intersection killed three…

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A Closer Look at Accidents on Highway 275 in Ohio

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Highway 275, the third-largest urban loop in the nation, which encircles Cincinnati and goes through three states, is known for its numerous sharp curves. Near Harrison, Fort Thomas, and several other spots, these curves are almost 90 degrees. Engineers usually make sharp curves to cut down on fatigued driving wrecks. That is a noble goal.…

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