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Scars & Limb Loss Due to Accidents

By | Car Crashes, General

Dealing with Scars due to Personal Injury Scars and limb loss are less common, but still frequent, types of injuries that can result from car accidents. Scarring or disfigurement may happen directly from injuries sustained in the collision or from surgery resulting from the accident. Limb loss and amputations of limbs tend to happen during the aftermath of…

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Six Reasons Semi-Truck Accidents are Different From Car Crashes

By | Car Crashes, Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys - Kruger & Hodges, Truck Accidents

There are some substantial differences in the ways passenger vehicle crashes and accidents involving commercial motor vehicles are handled. There are many different variables to be considered depending on the nature of your crash; the following reviews some of the most major differences between these two major types of accidents. Truck Accidents Often Result in More Substantial Damage…

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Dog Bite Lawyer

What can I do if I’m bit by a dog while on a delivery?

By | Dog Bites

Dog Bite Injuries During Deliveries There has been a surge in more and more deliveries over the past years. While online deliveries help individuals get essentials and other items at their doorstep, there are many risks that the delivery personnel faces while carrying out these deliveries. One of these risks which have seen a rise in recent times…

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Right way

Why Are Left Turns So Dangerous?

By | Car Crashes

For some odd reason, left turns are just creepy. We don’t like taking them. They seem unsafe, especially if you need to make that turn while your view is partially blocked by oncoming traffic, trees, or other hazards that keep you from seeing the road. Right turns are the easiest to make and involve the fewest number of…

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What You Should Know About Being a Part of a Wrongful Death Case

By | Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys - Kruger & Hodges

There are so many ways that someone can wrongfully die. There are car accidents, construction accidents, weird accidents that just happen. The most common of all accidents that happen are trucking accidents. These large accidents happen all too often and this causes those who are a part of the wrongful death to seek restitution for the damages suffered….

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