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Motorcycle Accidents

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Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Injuries

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Our sincerest apologies to the Motown group Martha and the Vandellas for expropriating their song title. Producers initially pitched this song to Marvin Gaye as a soulful ballad. But he immediately and correctly thought the song would be a better dance number. In the early 1960s, Martha and the Vandellas recorded the song, which became…

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The First Motorcycle Crashes in U.S. History

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Harley-Davidson and a few other companies started making and selling motorcycles in the United States around 1900. By about 1910, motordomes, or wooden race tracks, were popular in Los Angeles and other cities. Spectators gathered along the edge of the track and watched motorcycles, which did not have brakes, race at speeds over 100mph, an…

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Motorcycle Helmets

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Wear a Helmet The best way to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle is to wear a helmet. Statistics According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets decrease the likelihood of death and brain injuries sustained from motorcycle crashes. Helmeted motorcyclists are about three times less likely to sustain traumatic brain injuries due to…

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Dawn, Dusk, and Ohio Car Accidents

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Car accidents throughout the state of Ohio can occur at any time, but there are certain times of the day when they are even more common. Dawn and dusk are particularly common times for accidents in Ohio for several reasons. For one, the sun at dawn can result in blare that temporarily blinds drivers. On…

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Mental Health after an Auto Accident

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In addition to bodily injury and inconvenience, issues with mental health after an auto accident can be serious. Studies have shown that 9% of people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents develop some form of PTSD afterward (Very Well Mind).  Anxiety and depression are other conditions that can arise after an accident (WebMD).   Even…

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