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Kruger & Hodges Personal Injury Law Offices In Middletown, Ohio

Kruger & Hodges’ Middletown, Ohio Law Offices are a proud part of a very special city with a great history.  We are proud to have an office here and look forward to providing the service you may find traveling to a bigger city to find a personal injury lawyer but with the personal touch more common in small towns.

Address: 300 North Main Street Suite 375, Middletown, OH 45042
Phone: 513-805-9841
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Hours: Mon-Sun 24hr

We help individuals that were injured in all types of accidents, however, our typical clients are injured in some sort of auto accident or has been bitten by a dog (please click on any links to learn more about a particular category):

Car Accidents

Your Middletown, Ohio personal injury attorneys are familiar with the busy streets of our city. We also know that a daily commute from your home to your work, or to drop off the kids, can turn into a disaster if you are involved in a car crash. When we look at the traffic levels during rush hour, it is no surprise that car accidents can be a regular occurrence.  

The process of car accident injury litigation typically involves conversations back and forth between insurance companies. In the pre-litigation phase, there will be an investigation and correspondence with the DMV. Additionally, your Middletown personal injury attorneys will be putting in the time to ensure you receive the best possible outcome through negotiations. 

Following negotiations, you may be able to receive both economic and non-economic damages. These will serve to cover costs such as car repair, property repairs, mental stress, PTSD, and other issues.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly harmful situations due to the riskier nature of operating this type of vehicle. Oftentimes, the injuries are more severe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle operators are 27 times more likely to be killed in an accident. They are also ten times more likely to receive a serious injury. Your Middletown personal injury attorneys are willing and able to help you or a family member in getting compensation if they were involved in a motorcycle crash.

Truck Accidents

Due to Middletown’s proximity to Cincinnati, and the presence of Interstate 75 and Route 4, trucks are commonly seen in our area. This also means that there is an increased likelihood of experiencing a crash with one of these vehicles. Unfortunately, due to their size and inability to stop quickly, they can cause some serious damage. 

Most truck drivers are required to operate with commercial driver insurance, which typically provides extensive coverage. Similar to a car crash, your personal injury attorneys at the Middletown, Ohio Law Offices of Kruger & Hodges will facilitate negotiations between insurance companies to ensure you get the best possible outcome. If negotiations don’t work, we will litigate your case in court.

Dog Bites

Ohio law generally favors the victim in dog bite cases. This is because Ohio has “strict liability” for these types of cases. This means that if the victim can prove they were bitten, the dog owner may be liable. The victim does not need to prove the owner was being negligent. Dog bites can cause serious lifelong injuries, including mental stress and PTSD around a commonly domesticated animal. Your Middletown personal injury attorney will work with you to gather evidence and seek an optimum level of compensation for your injuries.

Personal Injury General

The personal injury attorneys at the Middletown, Ohio Law Offices of Kruger & Hodges know what it’s like to deal with serious injury and the mountains of paperwork and phone calls that follow. 

Community Involvement

One of the most rewarding parts of our business is giving back to the communities we serve.  We grew up just south of Middletown in Hamilton, Ohio, and have lived our whole lives in Butler County.  We make sure to give back our time to the communities that have been so good to us and are always looking for new ways to give back.   So if you have any ideas of how we can help, give us a call regardless if it is sponsoring a little league team or mentoring a young person who may be thinking about the career in the law we want to help.

More Information on Middletown, Ohio

Settled in 1791 by Daniel Doty, Middletown sits within Butler and Warren County, Ohio next to the Miami-Erie Canal. The city was incorporated in 1833.

There are a couple of theories as to where Middletown got its name. It is believed that the founder of the official city, Stephen Vail, named Middletown after Middletown, New Jersey as Vail originated there. Another theory is that it is named for its location at the midway point for navigation on the Great Miami River.

According to the 2020 census, Middletown is home to just under 50,000 people. With about a quarter of the population in school, Middletown City School District educates over 6000 students through 10 public schools, one high school, one middle school, and 8 elementary schools. Over 80% of students graduate. Middletown is also home to Miami University Middletown. Private schools also serve the city, primarily through private kindergartens and Catholic schools.

The government of Middletown has been operated by a Home Rule city charter since 1913. The government consists of five city council members including the Mayor who is elected by popular vote and four council members that are elected by at-large voting. The city council is responsible for appointing the city clerk, boards, and commissions.

Middletown was home to AK Steel Holding Corporation, formerly Armco. The company was founded in 1899.  The main offices moved to West Chester, Ohio in 2007. It is still a leading employer of the city because the central factory has stayed in Middletown. The Middletown Regional Airport is also a leading employer for the city.

Middletown is well known for its annual July hot air balloon festival, more commonly known as the Ohio Challenge. Hot air balloon pilots compete in aerial challenges, while festival-goers can watch and enjoy live entertainment, a classic car show, and other classic carnival activities.

Fun Facts about Middletown

Every year, Middletown is home to the Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival that features a hot air balloon show and even some skydivers carrying American flags or fireworks. The festival includes an old car show, a night balloon glow, and fireworks. Middletown is also well known for becoming an All-America City in 1957. An All-America City Award is given by the National Civic League to recognize “communities that leverage civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness, and innovation to successfully address local issues.“

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