If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Fairfield, Ohio, the personal injury lawyers at Kruger & Hodges: Attorneys at Law may be able to assist you with your case. Unexpected accidents can leave victims and their families facing high medical costs, long-term rehabilitation expenses, lost wages due to missed time at work, and other expenses. If another person or party’s actions resulted in your injuries, you may have the right to seek damages to cover your losses. Kruger & Hodges: Attorneys at Law are accident lawyers helping injury victims in Fairfield, Ohio who can negotiate with insurance adjusters, identify negligent parties, and fight to help you get the compensation you may deserve under the law.

How an Accident Attorney Can Help You 

There are many ways that a personal injury lawyer can help you with your accident case. Initially, the accident lawyers at Kruger & Hodges: Attorneys at Law can review your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and other losses to estimate the value of your claim. Understanding the value of your claim is important when negotiating with insurance adjusters and negligent parties. Kruger & Hodges: Attorneys at Law can review your medical diagnosis, speak to experts to determine how long you might be disabled as a result of your injuries, and estimate the value of your lost wages, as well as your pain and suffering damages.

Sometimes victims and their families might be offered what appears to be a substantial settlement by insurance companies, but this settlement may not always take into account all the losses a seriously injured individual might sustain. If you have suffered an injury that is likely to result in permanent disability, your settlement value could be quite high. Individuals who have suffered spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputations, disfigurement, or other traumatic injury may have the right to seek substantial settlements for their case. A personal injury lawyer can review your damages and losses and arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement estimate for your case. After our accident lawyers understand your case and its value, our attorneys can take steps to help you get the settlement you may deserve under the law. We can:

  • Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters. Insurance adjusters may use a range of methods to estimate your settlement. Your personal injury lawyer can review your insurance policy, review the settlement offer, and negotiate with insurance adjusters if their settlement doesn’t match your attorney’s estimate of the value of your claim. Sometimes these disparities arise because the insurance adjuster may not have all the information for your case, and sometimes these disparities arise because insurance adjusters might use computer programs or estimates rather than looking at the actual losses sustained in your case.
  • Write Demand Letters to Other Negligent Parties. Sometimes insurance settlements may not be sufficient to cover the full extent of your losses. In some accident claims, it may be possible to seek damages from negligent parties directly.
  • Take Your Case to Court. If negotiation can’t result in you and your family getting the settlement you believe you deserve, our personal injury lawyer may be able to take your case to trial. The civil trial process can be costly and time consuming, so this is generally a last resort. However, sometimes victims and their families are able to get better settlements for their serious injury cases by going to trial.

Our Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys in Fairfield, Ohio

Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, drunk driving accident, or bus accident in Fairfield, Ohio, you may only have a limited amount of time to pursue a claim under the law. The accident lawyers at Kruger & Hodges are here for you. Our personal injury lawyers can review your case, estimate the value of your personal injury claim, and take the next steps to pursue a recovery under the law.