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Can my Car Accident Attorney Access Traffic Camera Video Footage?

Can my Car Accident Attorney Access Traffic Camera Video Footage? With the spread of technology into our daily lives, video surveillance is present almost everywhere we look. It can come in the form of people recording incidents with their cellphones, dash cams, or traffic cams. This prevalence can be concerning for privacy; however, it can also be exceptionally beneficial when it involves serious incidents, such as a car crash.

What Types of Footage Will You Look for?

When it comes to a car crash, there are several types of video surveillance that your Eaton, Ohio car accident attorney will try to acquire. Dashcam footage from both civilian and police vehicles, bystanders who may have recorded on their phones, and traffic cameras.

Considering that everyone has a cell phone these days, it is not rare to find someone on the sidelines recording an incident as it unfolds. 

There are also dash cams available for civilian vehicles, though there are restrictions on where they can be placed inside the vehicle. These can be wise investments if they capture video footage that is beneficial to your case.

There is also camera footage available from traffic cameras that monitor the flow of traffic, as well as police dash cams.

No matter what evidence exists, the attorneys at Kruger & Hodges will work to acquire it.

Is it Legal to Access Traffic Camera Video Footage?

Both traffic cameras and police dashcams are considered public records in Eaton and throughout Ohio. In order to acquire traffic camera footage, we will have to make a request to the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles. We will need details such as the crossroads location of the crash, the date, and the timeframe. With this information, we will get the process started early for you so we can get the video footage sooner rather than later.

When it comes to police dashcam footage, each department may have its own policies with what type of paperwork needs to be filled out in order to make that request. Regardless of the hassle and paperwork, we will contact any involved law enforcement agencies to make sure we get started on getting their dashcam footage.

Additional witnesses who are private citizens may require a subpoena in order to produce video footage of the incident.

What’s So Important About Traffic Camera Video Footage?

Dashcam footage can provide crucial evidence in resolving a case’s unanswered questions. Unfortunately, sometimes car crashes can devolve into back and forth arguments between drivers, neither of whom believe they were the ones at fault. Additionally, if insurance companies follow the same path and cannot come to an agreement or settlement, newly acquired video footage may sway one party or the other. Lastly, there are also unfortunate circumstances in which people will be dishonest about the cause of a car crash. Video footage can be the necessary evidence used to show an insurance company or a court the true cause of a crash. 

Video footage is also vital because it is quite difficult to argue against clear, visual evidence of exactly what happened. There are some defenses against this, however. For example, a defendant may argue that the video footage was illegally or improperly acquired, and thus cannot be used. Regardless of what arguments may be presented, the attorneys at Kruger & Hodges have years of experience in correctly and efficiently gathering evidence. 

Traffic camera footage may also lead to the discovery of additional witnesses who may not have been documented by the police. Newly discovered witnesses could potentially bolster your case. 

We will be sure to exhaust all means to gather video footage that will be beneficial to your case.

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