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Fixed Car Point Accidents in Ohio: Why They are So Deadly

Statistics compiled by the Ohio Department of Transportation reveal that between 2010 to 2014, approximately 17% of all motor vehicle crashes involved fixed objects.

If you are involved in a single-vehicle accident where you collide with a fixed point, it is likely you will end up being held responsible. This means that if you own your vehicle, the collision coverage on the vehicle will likely pay for the cost to repair the damage. This is advantageous because when a vehicle strikes a fixed point like a light post, mailbox, or tree, it can cause a substantial amount of damage to both the vehicle as well as the motorist.

The Devastating Nature of Fixed Point Accidents

When fixed point car accidents occur, a vehicle often strikes the stationary object head-on. The damage can be much worse if the collision occurs even slightly off-center. This is because, during a collision, the vehicle comes to a sudden stop but a motorist’s body continues to travel forward until it comes into contact with an object that absorbs the brunt of this force.

Fortunately, both airbags and seatbelts help to cushion the severity of this forward motion. In the worst fixed point accidents, seatbelts can come undone due to the substantial force, and in some cases, a vehicle might even be propelled off of the object and into the road where the car can strike additional objects.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Fixed Point Car Accidents

Accidents with stationary objects commonly cause serious injuries. A few of the most common injuries known to occur from fixed object accidents include:

All of these injuries can lead individuals facing substantial complications that last the rest of their lives.

It Can Be Difficult to Obtain Compensation

To make matters even worse, drivers who are involved in fixed point accidents often have a challenging time obtaining compensation for their resulting injuries. While it might seem that a driver was clearly at fault for colliding into a fixed point, there are situations in which a driver is not at fault for colliding with a stationary object. A driver might have swerved to avoid colliding with an animal in the road or a drunk driver and ended up striking a fixed point. A driver might have also crashed into an object that appeared on the ground suddenly. In many of these situations, however, it can prove challenging to gather the necessary evidence to establish that someone else was responsible for your accident.

The Common Causes of Stationary Object Accidents

If you are involved in a fixed object car accident, your insurance carrier will likely try to put the responsibility for the accident on you. There are situations, however, in which a collision with a fixed point object might not be your responsibility. By recognizing the common causes of stationary object accidents, you can also begin to take precautionary measures to make sure that you do not end up in one of these accidents. Some of the most common causes of fixed point accidents include:

  • Car parts that fail to operate properly and caused drivers to strike fixed points
  • Construction companies that leave debris in the road
  • Tree limbs that fall suddenly due to negligence to maintain the tree
  • Vehicles that are parked illegally and obstruct a driver’s view

Ways to Avoid a Fixed Point Accident

Even though fixed point accidents are often deadly, numerous strategies can be used to reduce the risk of being involved in one. One of the best preliminary steps to take is to avoid being near fixed objects altogether. Many times, poor planning is involved in these accidents. Some of the other strategies that can reduce the risk of ending up in a fixed point object include:

  • Avoid backing up, which is a common cause of fixed points accidents.
  • Do not park within several feet of fixed objects. This creates a much greater chance that you or someone else on the road will end up colliding with the object.
  • Pay attention while operating a vehicle regardless of how fast you are traveling. One of the most common causes of fixed points accidents is drivers who grow distracted while on the road and fail to pay adequate attention to their surroundings.

Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a fixed point accident, it can help to obtain the assistance of an experienced accident lawyer. Contact Kruger & Hodges today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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