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What are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?

What are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents? One unfortunate myth that persists about slip and fall accidents is that the resulting damage is often not severe. In reality, approximately 20% of people who are involved in falling accidents end up with severe injuries. The chances of becoming seriously injured increase greatly with a person’s age.

Among the other challenges that slip and fall-related injuries create, it can be difficult for accident victims to return to how life was before the accident. To reduce the risks of having your life changed in a falling accident, this article reviews some of the strategies that you can take to avoid becoming involved in one.

Understand the Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

By appreciating the common causes of slip and falls, you can try to avoid some more dangerous situations. Some factors that are frequently associated with falls include:

  • Impaired vision is the cause of many falls. By adding adequate lighting and contrasting colors in elevated areas, you can greatly reduce the odds of a fall. Additionally, if your eyesight is not perfect, you should make sure to wear appropriate corrective eyewear so you have the greatest chance possible of seeing any nearby hazards.
  • Various hazards including loose floorboards, raised sections of floor, obstacles in pathways, and improperly secured handrails can lead to these fall accidents. By keeping walkways free of debris and performing repairs on any trouble areas, you can greatly reduce the chances of being injured in a fall.
  • It might seem hard to believe, but the wrong type of footwear or clothing is responsible for many falls. For example, baggy clothing can become caught on loose objects and cause you to fall. Shoes with poor tractions are also responsible for numerous slip and fall accidents.

Wear Adequate Footwear

Socks are comfortable, but walking around in only socks creates a substantial risk of falling and incurring injuries. Always wear shoes when walking around in places where falls might occur.

Not all shoes, however, provide the same type of protection. Non-slip shoes might not be as fashionable as a new pair of Jordans, but they can go a long way in reducing the risk of being harmed in a fall. This is particularly true if you work or live in a location where the floors are often slippery. Tennis shoes and other footwear lack the same type of rubbery grip that non-slip shoes have.

Limit Your Exposure to Hazardous Conditions

After understanding what factors cause falls, you should take whatever steps necessary to avoid them. For example, if weather conditions are icy or slippery due to rain, minimize the number of trips that you make outside. If you must routinely travel over a slippery surface indoors, it is often a great idea to install non-slip flooring which can greatly reduce your risk of falling. If you happen to notice dangerous conditions that could cause falls in public locations, make sure to report these factors either to the property manager or employer so they can promptly be repaired.

Use Caution

Another helpful way to greatly reduce your chances of being injured in a fall is to exercise caution. This means using handrails and other supporting objects if they are available. Being able to grab something in case you lose your balance can sometimes save you from serious injuries. Additionally, you should never rush when trying to reach your destination. Give yourself sufficient time to get where you are going, regardless of how far away it might be. It is always better to take some extra time and reach your destination safely than to rush and end up slipping and falling.

If You are Going to Fall, Use the Proper Technique

Most people try to stop a fall from occurring, but this is not always the safest way to proceed. Stiffening up can also lead to serious injuries. Instead, sometimes it is simply better to fall without attempting to prop yourself up or soften the impact. Some of the techniques that you should utilize to fall in the proper manner include protecting your head by tucking your chin, bending your elbows and knees so you fall on a more padded part of your body, shifting your weight so you land on your side, not fighting the fall, and avoiding becoming stiff.

Speak with an Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a fall and another party is responsible, contact the slip and fall attorneys at Kruger & Hodges at our Hamilton, Middletown or Eaton Law Offices.

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