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Monroe, OH Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers in Monroe, OH

Monroe, OH Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers are sadly needed more often than desired. In April 2022, two semi-trucks collided along Salzman Road, sending one person to the emergency room. In February of the same year, multiple people suffered serious injuries when a semi-truck collided with passenger vehicles in Monroe. Those are just two major examples. 

Remember, so many other accidents never make it to the local news stations but still cause serious injuries and sometimes death. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident in Monroe, OH, you may need to speak with experienced semi-truck accident attorneys from Kruger & Hodges. 

Preventative Measures Against Truck Accidents

Accidents frequently happen without warning. Despite that, you can take certain measures to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some quick preventative measures against truck accidents worth bearing in mind: 

Truck drivers have more blind spots than most drivers. If possible, avoid the blind spots by allowing enough space between you and the truck. 

Do not change lanes unless necessary. And when you do, give clear signals beforehand and avoid switching lanes abruptly. 

Switch off your high beams. The bright light emanating from these headlights may reflect off the driver’s side mirror, blinding them. 

If you must merge lanes, do so carefully. Do not merge lanes if you are driving dangerously close to the truck or if the truck is also attempting to merge. 

Avoid distracted driving. Taking your eyes off the road for half a second is enough to cause a tragic accident. 

What to Do After a Truck Accident

The steps you take after a truck accident could significantly influence your claim and health. Consider the following tips:

  • If possible, make sure everyone is safe, including yourself and the truck driver
  • Call 911 or ask anyone around to do so if you can’t
  • If possible, take pictures of the accident scene
  • Take the contact information of any witnesses 
  • Take the insurance information of the truck driver, including their name, address, driver’s license number, and the truck’s registration numbers
  • Seek immediate medical attention even if you feel fine at that particular moment
  • Do not accept liability for the accident even if you feel you are somehow responsible
  • If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you about the accident, do not accept liability or sign any document without legal advice
  • Contact experienced semi-truck accident lawyers in Monroe, OH, for further guidance

Truck Accident Claim Process Explained

The deadline for filing a car accident claim in Monroe and throughout Ohio is two years. However, since these cases are complex, it is always advisable to contact an attorney as soon as possible. 

The attorney will review your claim to determine whether you have a valid case against the truck driver. If you have a valid claim, the attorney will take you up as their client and begin investigating the case.

The goal of the investigation is to gather enough evidence to file a successful claim against the negligent truck driver’s insurer. After collecting evidence, your attorney will file a claim on your behalf, bearing in mind the damages you’ve suffered from the accident.

Monroe, OH semi-truck accident lawyers will also negotiate with the insurance company, keeping your best interests at heart. Most truck accident cases settle out of court. However, if the other party refuses to settle, your attorney can file a lawsuit against them, bringing the case before a judge. 

Do I Have a Truck Accident Case?

Contacting an experienced truck accident attorney is one of the best ways to determine whether you have a valid truck accident case against the other party. At Kruger & Hodges, you can contact us any time Monday through Sunday for a free case evaluation. And if we determine that you have a valid case against the other party, we will guide you on the next steps forward. 

What is My Car Accident Case Worth?

It is difficult to know the worth of your case without digging into the specific details of the accident. In fact, avoid any attorney who promises a specific amount of compensation without assessing your case. 

At K&H, we will dig into every detail of your case to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Our legal team will thoroughly investigate the incident and collect crucial evidence to prove your case. 

Once we evaluate all of the damages you’ve suffered due to the accident, we will calculate the most reasonable compensation you deserve. And that’s not all – we will pursue the claim on your behalf. This ensures that you don’t have to deal with the tactics insurance companies use to avoid liability. 

How Do I Choose the Best Truck Accident Lawyer for Me?

When looking in Monroe, OH for the best semi-truck accident lawyers, it is understandable that you may not know where to start. Here are some quick tips to guide you:

  • Find out more about their experience handling truck accident claims in Monroe
  • Find out whether they have any references, results, or reviews you may want to check out
  • Find out who will be handling your case
  • Check if they have any experience handling such cases in court
  • Find out how much time and attention they will devote to your case
  • Find out how they charge their clients – do they require upfront payments or contingency-based payments?
  • Do they sound knowledgeable enough to take on such a case?
  • Do they have the legal resources to fight for you?

How Our Monroe Truck Accident Lawyers Will Help

When looking for the best truck accident lawyers in Monroe, OH, you will most likely come across many options to choose from. You need a compassionate, trustworthy, and accessible attorney. That’s what our attorneys at K&H are known for. And that’s not enough – we have combined decades of experience handling these kinds of cases.

You deserve compensation for your injuries after a truck accident. But this all depends on the attorney you choose to work with. Contact our Middletown office for a free case evaluation. 

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