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Any injury can make life difficult, not the least of those being the ones that result from sudden accidents. Many things in our lives designed to make life easier for us are sometimes the danger that brings us harm. In many cases, the injuries that you may sustain might not even be visible; there can be both physical and mental injuries that result from the accident that can take months or years to heal. In cases such as these, it is important to know whom to turn to, what can happen in such situations, and how you can best protect yourself from further harm.  Common types of cases we see are car accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

How Many Personal Injury Cases Arise Each Year?

The unusual nature of personal injury cases is that many of them never reach a courtroom. This is because these cases are usually settled out of court by the parties or their insurance companies. Looking at the statistics, the US Department of Justice indicates that only about 3% of personal injury cases are decided by a jury.

Of those cases, a large number of them are settled within half a year, and some of them are even uncontested by the defending party. By Ohio court statistics, only 2 personal injury cases made it to court in Preble County, but given that only 3% are marked at trial, this could mean that a little under 100 claims might have been made that were settled out of court, if not more!

What Constitutes a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims can be made whenever there is a wrongful injury or death because of another person’s negligence. This can apply in a number of settings, such as car or bus accidents, dog bites, and even nursing home abuse. As such, personal injury is sometimes absorbed under the umbrella of other lawsuits or claims, but it really can be its own entity if needed. Sometimes the injury of a person is not covered in a pre-existing case, and a separate case might need to be filed to cover medical expenses or to get remuneration for injuries.

Common Injuries for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can cover a multitude of injuries, and can even be extended to the death of a loved one. However, some of the most common injuries that lead to personal injury claims are bone, nerve, and muscle injuries. Most of the time, especially when cars or trucks are involved, long-term damage to the spine, neck, or back result from an accident. Many of these body parts are extremely sensitive, and repairing the damage to them can take months or years of treatment and rehabilitation.

Common injuries in these areas can include:

  • Torn ligaments in the neck or back
  • A sprained neck
  • Fractured or damaged vertebrae
  • Injured tendons
  • Pinched nerves

In addition to muscle, bone, and nerve issues, there is also the threat of brain injuries. Chronic migraines or headaches, induced fatigue, and TBIs are just a few common symptoms of injuries that can result from an accident. All of the above injuries would likely qualify for a personal injury claim.

What to Do When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

The very first thing to do after being injured in an accident, if possible, is to insure the safety and future care of those who might be in danger at the scene. This is especially important if you need to switch hospitals in the case of a medical malpractice claim. After that point, it is important to get documentation to support your claim. Unlike conventional accidents, where proof of the accident is usually assured through police reports or more, personal injury cases might require a few different doctor’s opinions or documentation of how an accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.

From that point forward, it is important to secure a personal injury lawyer who can help you to organize and further gather documentation for the case. Since many of these cases are settled out of court, the quality and skill of the lawyer could directly relate to just how well you present your information to the other party, and can determine the exact amount of remuneration you receive for the personal injury. If you are in need of a lawyer after a personal injury, contact Kruger & Hodges to schedule a free, no-risk consultation. This might be a challenging time, but we are ready to fight for you to make sure you get the financial compensation you deserve.

More Information on Preble County

With parts of Montgomery and Butler counties, Preble County, Ohio was formed in 1808. The county is named after Captain Edward Preble who was a naval commander in the Revolutionary War and the Tripolitan War. According to the 2010 US census, the population of Preble County is 42,270. Little Four Mile Creek, Harker’s Run, and Goose Creek all run through Preble County. Home to Eaton High School, National Trail High School, and Preble Shawnee High School, Preble County educates several villages and townships that make up the county.

Preble County, Ohio is home to five school districts: Eaton Community Schools, Preble Shawnee Local School District, Twin Valley Community Local School District, National Trail Local School District, and the Tri-County North Local School District. Cheer on the Eagles at Eaton High School. Root on the Preble Shawnee Arrows. Support the Panthers at Twin Valley.

There is so much to do in Preble County. When it’s nice and warm outside, be sure to check out the Wild Hearts African Farm and Petting Zoo. Composed of over 20 acres and located in Lewisburg, Ohio, the park has a petting zoo, apple trees, and even a large fishing pond. If you’re in the mood for hunting, head on over to the Mulberry Pheasantry in Camden. If you’re looking for a country club experience with a challenging golf course and a nice clubhouse, check out the Eaton Country Club.

Preble County has fun events for everyone. Every year since 1970, Preble County hosts a Pork Festival in Eaton. The festival is put on by the community to raise money for the community. New Paris hosts its yearly Applefest, which is a street festival with food, music, and even an apple baking contest. And, West Alexandria is home to the annual Kiwanis Octoberfest, a mostly local arts and crafts festival held at the park.

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