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Driving Under Suspension

Driving Under Suspension

It is important for all drivers in Ohio to remember that driving under suspension in the state is a serious criminal offense. If you or a loved one is charged with driving with a suspended license, you should be aware of the penalties that might be involved.

The Penalties Associated with Driving on a Suspended License

Many people are familiar with Ohio’s law that makes it illegal for a person to drive with a suspended license. Few people, however, are aware of the various penalties associated with driving on a suspended license. The exact penalties that you can end up facing as a result of driving with a suspended license depend on a number of factors including whether you have a previous history of such conduct. The state of Ohio classifies the various degrees of driving without a suspended license in the following way:

  • Driving with a suspended license for the first time. This offense is a 1st-degree misdemeanor and can result in six months in jail as well as up to $1,000 in fines. Additionally, the period for which your license is suspended will be increased. You will be required to pay a fee to reinstate your license after the suspension time has run out. Some drivers are required to have their vehicle immobilized for 30 days and their license plates impounded for 30 days.
  • Driving with a suspended license for the second or subsequent time. If you are charged with driving on a suspended license twice or more in a three-year period, you will face a first-degree misdemeanor which can result in six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. The period for which your driver’s license is suspended will also be increased. After a second charge of driving on a suspended license, your vehicle will be immobilized for 60 days and your license plate will be impounded for 60 days. If you are charged with a third driving with a suspended license offense, law enforcement will seize your vehicle.
  • Driving with a 12-point suspension. If you receive 12 points on your license in a two-year period, you will have your license suspended by the state of Ohio for six months. If you are caught driving during that six-month period, you will have an additional six points added to your license and will be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor, the punishment for which is a minimum of three days in jail.
  • Driving with an OVI suspension. If your license has been suspended for an OVI conviction, and you are caught driving a vehicle, you can face some serious penalties. These include fines, jail time of at least three days, house arrest, an additional year-long license suspension, and six points added to your license. Your car can also be impounded for a minimum of 30 days.

Speak with a Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney Today

While there are a number of reasons why the state of Ohio will suspend your driver’s license, some of the most common that we see include accumulating too many driving record points, failing to pass a driving test, OVI convictions, and failure to appear in court or pay fines. No matter the reason, being charged with driving on a suspended license can be an uncomfortable situation. It is common to be worried about how the case will resolve. You should not hesitate to contact a criminal attorney at Kruger & Hodges today for help in determining your best strategy to respond to driving on a suspended license charge.

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