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Trucking companies can be different in their specific industry niches. Some companies will haul just about everything, while others specialize in a particular type of freight. Sysco is one prime example of a niche hauling company. Unlike many trucking companies, Sysco does not generally have a full-scale freight operation. Rather, Sysco is in the business of hauling food products. To that end, Sysco operates nationwide in the grocery and retail food business, transporting food items in local and regional markets. Sysco has a unique history of problems that can create safety concerns. If you have been hurt in a Sysco truck accident, you should contact an attorney right away.

Violations and Safety Concerns

While it may be readily apparent that a trucking company with a lot of safety violations is putting the public at risk, what may be less apparent is the connection between driver pay and treatment and ultimate safety outcomes. According to one violation tracking service online, since 2000 Sysco has paid out more than $22 million in wage and hour violations. This is a notable figure because companies that have this type of record of wage and hour violations invariably create risks.

How Hours of Service Affect Safety

Sysco has operations all over the country, including a major operating center in Cincinnati. While they operate nationwide, most of their services involve local and regional hauling. This means that their drivers do not typically stay out overnight, and it means drivers commonly will haul food products from a warehouse and make multiple deliveries throughout a route each day. These types of drivers are still subject to state and federal regulations that govern how many hours they can drive each day and the total amount of time they can spend working. If they are working more than the allowed hours or driving longer than permitted, this can create serious problems.

Why Would Drivers Operate Past Safe Hours of Service?

Simply put, money is a driving cause of truck drivers operating beyond their hours of service. If a driver is not being properly paid or is being pressured to break the law to make deliveries, there is a good chance they will break the rules and hope they are not caught. These types of violations may at first blush seem harmless. But truck driver fatigue remains one of the largest causes of trucking accidents in America.  According to Sleephelp.org, truck driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel accounts for a major contributing cause in as many as 7% of all trucking collisions. So, in short, wage and hour violations can be a strong indicator of a company’s safety trends.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you find yourself suffering serious injuries after a collision involving a semi-truck, you deserve to be treated fairly and have your rights represented from the very beginning. Do not let the trucking company’s insurance reps and attorneys tell you what you can and cannot do. Hire an attorney from Kruger & Hodges who can provide you with experienced guidance throughout the process, so that you can obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Give our injury attorneys a call to get started.

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