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Preble County, Ohio Car Accident Lawyers

Everyday, tens of millions of Americans make use of cars to get from A to B. From an early morning commute and car pools that take children to school, to late night cars rides to restaurants and other late night entertainment, cars are on the road moving people around town nearly all day, every day. While we may use cars everyday, we often overlook the possible dangers that come from them. All it takes to turn that useful tool into a two-ton weapon is a snapped brake, a jerk of the wheel, or just a small sheet of ice on the road.

Luckily, the numerous safety features that are being added to cars keep them safe for the driver and those around them. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that many people are involved in accidents every year, and though some of those accidents might be nothing more than a small fender bender, some of these accidents can lead to lifelong injuries, or even death. It is important to know the likelihood of an accident, the possible injuries that could result, and what to do should you ever find yourself in such a situation.

The Statistics of Car Accidents

Even though many people drive cars, they do not often consider just how likely it is that they will get into an accident. Out of the approximate 220 million drivers in the United States, 3 million of them each year get into a car accident. Now, with more drivers on the road than ever, the chance of an accident grows each and every year. In Ohio alone, there are at least 1,000 deaths related to car accidents each year, with many more people getting injured. As such, it is important to know exactly what you might be facing when you are caught in an accident.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

One of the most common and likely injuries associated with a car accident is neck damage, either in a milder form such as whiplash, or as serious damage to a single or multiple vertebrae. The true danger of whiplash and lesser injuries to the neck and spine is that adrenaline might cover up that injury in the immediate aftermath of a crash, especially if there are other injuries that are more visible. In addition to neck injuries, many other parts of the body could possibly have strained, torn, or damaged muscles or ligaments. People who can tell an accident is going to happen often tense up as a part of the “fight or flight” response, which causes more damage to their muscles upon impact.

In addition to damaged muscles and ligaments, more serious accidents could lead to damaged or ruptured organs, other broken bones, or even Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Beyond just physical injuries, car accident victims often suffer from PTSD or anxiety related to the stress of the trauma. This could happen even in the case of an accident that does not physically injure the motorist. Mental problems such as these are a real problem, as they concretely impact a person’s way of life. Someone who has a chronic fear or anxiety of driving cars will struggle to commute to work, shop for groceries, take their kids to sports, and any number of other activities related to driving.

What to Do After a Car Accident

The very first thing to do in the case of an accident is to call the authorities and, if it is warranted, calling for emergency medical assistance. Ensuring the immediate safety of yourself, other passengers, and the occupants of any other cars is the top priority. Once any immediate injuries or dangers are taken care of, it is important to then gather details from all drivers present, such as name, insurance companies, make and model of car, license plate, and any other relevant information. After gathering the information, it is recommended to see a doctor right away for a formal assessment of any injuries that may have occurred from the accident. This is not only important to protect your long-term health, but is important as a way to document injuries officially.

Were You in a Car Accident in Preble County, Ohio?

Finally, it is important to contact a trusted car accident lawyer. In many cases, people try to go through the insurance companies on their own to seek compensation, but this is unwise. Instead, we here at Kruger & Hodges will work directly for you to pursue the financial compensation you deserve after your car accident, whereas insurance companies work to make sure you get the least possible. If you were in a car accident here in Preble County, then please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your case.

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