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Preble County, Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Riding a motorcycle is a wondrous experience for those who are new to it; even for those who are veteran riders, there is no experience quite as gratifying as taking a motorcycle out for a ride. Whether it is a simple pleasure ride on a sunny day, or a longer trip that requires a packed saddlebag and a prayer for soft beds in the evening, a motorcycle offers a unique perspective that a car cannot imitate.

Motorcycles have indeed seen a recent boost in popularity, with the current number of motorcycle riders on the road numbering at around 8 million. While there are plenty of joys that come with riding a motorcycle, there is also the constant danger of being injured in an accident. Whereas cars offer more protection and stability in the case of a collision, motorcycles leave their riders vulnerable to catastrophic injuries that can have serious repercussions for years to come.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Ohio Each Year?

In this past year, there have been at least 160 accidents that involved motorcycles in Ohio. That number may seem small, but that was 160 people who did not expect to have their lives impacted and changed by an accident. The harsh reality is that, in an accident with a motorcycle, a car’s occupants will usually escape relatively unscathed, while the motorcycle driver suffers the brunt of any injuries and damage.

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a number of different things. Some common factors are cars not providing motorcyclists with enough room to maneuver, intoxicated or impaired drivers, drivers getting too close to motorcyclists, and drivers throwing trash or debris from moving cars. In addition to those reasons, there is also the universal threat of mechanical failures and poor road conditions, the latter of which is more likely to affect motorcyclists than anyone else on the road.

How to Stay Safe While Riding a Motorcycle

One of the best ways to stay safe while riding a motorcycle is to wear a helmet. It is estimated that wearing a helmet could save at least 1,800 lives each year, not to mention the severe brain injuries that it might prevent. In addition, it is important to make sure you are properly licensed and trained to drive a motorcycle. Driving a motorcycle here in Ohio requires a special license, and those who do not have one will face the legal ramifications.

Finally, it is important to not drive recklessly. Some motorcyclists may feel it is easy to weave in and out of cars while on a motorcycle, but they are only one unplanned lane change away from a catastrophic accident. Avoid lane splitting and aggressively weaving between cars to best avoid accidents.

Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most common injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident is broken bones. When driving at any speed, riders can fall off, if not be thrown from their motorcycles. When they land, they rarely land smoothly and may break one or many bones. In addition — if going especially fast — motorcyclists might be in danger of extreme cases of road rash. Unprotected skin grinding against the pavement as your body tumbles to a stop results in road rash – a common injury for those who fall off or are knocked off while riding a motorcycle.

In addition to these common injuries, there is always the chance for pulled or damaged muscles or nerves, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), ruptured or damaged organs, or psychological trauma as a result of a motorcycle accident in Ohio.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Preble County, Ohio

The very first thing to do is to seek medical care for your injuries. If you are able to do so at the scene, make sure to get the information of any other drivers who were involved in the accident, as well as provide your own. This information includes things like names, license numbers, vehicle make and model, and insurance. Even if you think your injuries are minor, go to a doctor to receive a thorough examination and rule out any internal injuries. Finally, contact a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer in Preble County.

Many times people go right to their insurance companies and do not receive the payment they need to be made whole again. If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, contact our team of personal injury attorneys at Kruger & Hodges today. We can schedule you a free case evaluation to help you get the financial compensation you deserve after your motorcycle accident.

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