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Semi Truck Accident Attorney Miamisburg, Ohio

Miamisburg, Ohio Truck Accidents

A vast number of trucks use our roadways every single day, transporting anything from building supplies to farming equipment to food. With all of those freight-hauling trucks on the roads, Preble County, Ohio sees a significant number of crashes involving these commercial vehicles. A collision involving a big truck is unlike any other sort of vehicle accident. Semi-trucks are more powerful, heavier, and bigger than other vehicles on the road. If you get into an accident with one of these, you might suffer serious and long-term damage.

Types of Truck Accidents

A commercial vehicle might be involved in a variety of different sorts of traffic accidents. Because major accidents may often result in tragedy, it is important to understand some of the most prevalent types of accidents and how they happen. A side collision is the most common type of accident. When a truck driver drives recklessly, these incidents are more likely to occur. The passengers in the smaller car are particularly vulnerable in this sort of collision.

Commercial trucks are also prone to rear-end accidents. These frequently occur on congested highways when a driver tries to come to an abrupt stop. If a semi rear ends a passenger vehicle, the impact can be lethal. Some truck crashes occur as a result of the truck being improperly loaded. Cargo can move around when the truck makes a fast curve or brakes suddenly. This causes the cargo to shift inadvertently, leading the truck to tip over or jackknife.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can occur due to a variety of causes. Because trucks are bigger, the consequences of accidents are frequently more deadly. While some of these collisions may have occurred due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control, the majority of them are the consequence of someone’s negligence.

  • Exhaustion: Trucks are frequently utilized to transport goods over large distances and make many deliveries each day. Truck drivers have little time to stop and rest. They may lose sleep as a result of driving late into the night to meet a deadline. Some drivers are prone to losing control of their trucks as a result of fatigue.
  • Drugs and alcohol: It is common knowledge that individuals should not drive vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and trucks are no exception. Because some drivers have tight deadlines and timetables, they may utilize alcohol or non-prescribed medications to stay awake. Unfortunately, these drugs raise the likelihood of their being involved in fatal accidents.
  • Maintenance: Because they are constantly on the move, some truck drivers or trucking companies ignore basic maintenance and equipment inspection. To put it bluntly, some businesses are okay with ignoring safety protocols, as long as their vehicles are moving. They just address whatever problem arises after an evident breakdown, putting countless lives in danger on the road.
  • Speeding: Truck drivers may drive too fast when on the road, especially when they are traveling late at night. The faster a large truck is going, the more time it will take for that vehicle to come to a complete stop. Many truck accidents are attributed to speeding.

Injuries That Result From Truck Accidents

The injuries that occur in truck accidents are, on average, extremely significant. The following sorts of injuries are caused by accidents that result in a forceful and rapid impact on the body:

It is critical that you get medical treatment as soon as possible after being involved in a vehicle accident. Both physically and psychologically, there are wounds that transcend beyond what can be seen with the human eye. Many of these injuries do not show up immediately, and if they are not treated, they can be fatal. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is sadly quite prevalent among truck accident victims and should be treated by a specialist as soon as possible.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Ohio

If you are involved in a truck accident, there are a few things you should do right away. The first and most crucial step is to find a safe spot to out of the line of traffic and away from any cars that might catch fire. Once you are secure, notify the police and emergency medical services of the accident and wait for them to arrive on the scene.

You can converse with the other motorist during the wait to share essential information such as vehicle registrations, license plates, and insurance information. You might also start taking photos of the accident so that you can seek compensation even if your losses are not significant.

When the authorities arrive, you must provide a brief and truthful explanation of what occurred. Keep in mind that this will be your formal statement in the event of a lawsuit. Under no circumstances should you confess to having caused the accident.

Of course, you should seek medical care as soon as possible following the collision. If you are badly hurt, you should be seen by an EMT at the scene. Even if you appear to be in good health, it is always a good idea to have a check-up as soon as possible to rule out any inside problems.

Were You in a Truck Accident in Miamisburg, Ohio?

Finding yourself in a truck accident can be a scary and overwhelming experience. It is normal if you do not know very well how to deal with it legally to receive fair compensation. We here Kruger & Hodges can help you better understand your rights after a truck accident. Thanks to our team of trusted personal injury attorneys, we can help you obtain just compensation following your truck accident. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your free, no-risk case evaluation with us today.

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