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Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Washington Court House

Drunk driving is a serious threat to life. When a person makes the decision to get into a vehicle after having even just a few drinks, they are putting everyone else on the road at risk. Imagine a middle-aged person who makes that decision, getting on the road to go home after spending a few hours at a bar with friends. That driver crashes into another driver, perhaps a young family, causing the death of a mother and serious injuries to the children. Those three people’s lives have been devastated by the simple decision to drive home. Drunk driving accident victims in Washington Court House, OH, deserve a voice, and our team at Kruger & Hodges wants to help them to get the compensation they’re owed. 

Crash Statistics – How Often Does Drunk Driving Happen? 

In Fayette County, drunk driving is a concern. 27 alcohol-related accidents occurred in 2021 within the county itself, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Of those, one resulted in the death of an individual, and 11 others suffered serious injuries. That was 27 impaired drivers who made the decision to get on the roadways and put others at risk. 

In Ohio, over 28% of all accidents that involve fatalities have to do with alcohol-impaired driving. Across the U.S., one person dies every 52 minutes from an alcohol-related accident.

Common Injuries From Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents can cause a wide range of injuries because they can occur in various ways. Head-on collisions are some of the most life-threatening, creating the most significant risk of injury. T-bone accidents, which may occur when one driver is not paying attention at intersections, can also occur. Rear-ending accidents, especially those at high speeds, can also be devastating. Common accidents for drunk driving accident victims in Washington Court House, OH, included the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: Collisions can lead to traumatic brain injuries which often lead to a wide range of cognitive and neural problems that are hard to treat.
  • Broken Bones and Lacerations: These types of injuries can range from simple fractures to much more complex injuries, including crushed bones and complex fractures.
  • Spinal Injuries: It is not uncommon for a person to experience spinal injuries from these types of accidents, which may take form as a herniated disc, cracked vertebrae or damage to the spinal cord. 

Other injuries may include lacerations that lead to deformities, loss of limbs, infections from injury, and fatalities. In each of these situations, drunk driving accident victims in Washington Court House, OH, have the right to pursue legal action and financial compensation if someone else caused that accident. That may include the drunk driver and that person’s insurance provider. 

What to Do If You Are Injured by a Drunk Driver 

If you are injured in any way from a drunk driving accident, call the police as your first step. Ensure you get the medical care you need first. Allow the police to come to the scene of the accident to document what occurred. They will need you to provide as much information as possible but never admit any type of guilt or that you did anything that could have led to the accident.

If it is safe to do so, take the following steps: 

  • Gather the contact information of all involved in the accident, including the other driver and the passengers. If there are witnesses, gather their contact information as well.
  • Take photos of what occurred. Try to take photos of the entire area where the incident occurred.
  • Write down what happened, documenting any details you can remember. Did you see the driver swerving or crossing the centerline? 

Be sure your medical care is documented. You want to be sure that you visit the emergency room for an exam. Then, turn to an attorney. Avoid putting information on social media or talking to insurance companies until you have an attorney who can help you through this process. 

It is not uncommon for drunk driving accident victims in Washington Court House, OH, to have insurance adjusters try to settle claims too quickly, or they may offer pressure to settle without documenting all of your losses. Let our attorneys help and guide you throughout this process.

What is the Claims Process for Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Washington Court House, OH?

Though the claims process may seem simple, it is often much more difficult. Often, insurance companies want to settle fast because they believe that will minimize how much they have to pay out. That’s a risk you’re putting on yourself. Let us handle the insurance companies. We will:

  • Document what occurred.
  • Gather information and evidence to support your claim.
  • Determine how much you are owed based on all of your current losses as well as expected losses over the coming months or years.
  • File a claim with the insurance company for what you’re owed.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation or go to trial to defend yourself.

How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer for Me

There is little doubt that your life has changed. Allow our legal team to help you get the financial compensation and support you need. Choose an attorney based on their experience representing other victims like you, who is aggressive and dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for their clients.

How Kruger & Hodges Can Help 

At Kruger & Hodges, we work closely with you to ensure there is a full understanding of your rights. We will compassionately support you while aggressively working to help you secure the compensation owed. Our team works with drunk driving accident victims in Washington Court House, OH, and the surrounding areas. We’re here to help you today.

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