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Lawyers for Geico Claims

A car accident can leave you with physical, emotional, and financial damages. In Ohio, the negligent party is responsible for paying the expenses incurred in a car crash. It is important to take the right steps immediately after an accident in order to get the money you deserve for your injuries. If Geico is the insurance company, the first step is to file a claim. You will want to make your claim as soon as possible. While you can file a claim yourself, it is helpful to seek assistance from experienced lawyers for Geico claims.

Geico Claims Process

Geico is an insurance company that is familiar to most people. Geico was founded in 1936 as the Government Employees Insurance Company, or GEICO. While the company originally targeted government employees and veterans, it soon began providing insurance to the general public. Today, Geico has more than 17 million auto insurance policies and insures more than 28 million vehicles. You can file a claim with Geico in several ways. You can contact Geico online, through the app, or by phone at (800) 841-3000. Once you submit a claim, Geico will assign an adjuster to the case.

Tips for Getting the Most for Your Claim

Once you submit a claim, the adjuster will contact you to discuss the accident. One important thing to remember is that Geico will record the conversation with the adjuster. Therefore, it is extremely important to give the correct answers. Do not accept responsibility for the crash. Do not tell the adjuster what you were doing immediately before the accident. It is best to say as little as possible and allow your attorney to handle the matter. The same holds true for the details of your medical records regarding treatment for your injuries. Remember that anything you say might be taken out of context or used in a negative manner. Refer the adjuster to your lawyers for Geico claims.

How Much Will I Get for My Claim?

Most people think that if they submit bills for their injuries they will receive that amount of money. However, Geico does not always utilize your medical bills to determine your compensation for an accident. Instead, they may use general guidelines that might not always result in an accurate payout. You could be left with some unpaid medical bills and other expenses that you would then have to pay out of pocket. Keep in mind that Geico, and all insurance companies, are in business to make money. They will try to provide the lowest possible settlement for your case. Your attorney has experience negotiating with insurance companies and will be more likely to obtain a better result.

Should I Accept the First Offer?

All too often, an insurance provider will offer you a settlement check, sometimes quickly after the incident. It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies know that you might be in a tight financial position following the accident and will be more apt to accept any offer they give. If you receive a check from the insurance company, do not cash it. When you cash the check you agree to accept it as payment in full for the accident damages and you will not be able to take any further action. You want to keep your options open and make sure that you get the money you deserve for your injuries.

What Should I Do if Geico Denies My Claim?

Insurance companies regularly deny claims in part or on the whole for a number of reasons. The insurance company must first conclude that their insured party was at fault for the accident. They might use a variety of information to assign some portion of responsibility to you, even if you were not negligent. Another common issue is the review of medical records. The insurance company could deny a claim if they think that you had the injury prior to the accident. If you do not visit the hospital soon after the crash they might use that to show that your injuries were not as serious as they are. If Geico denies the claim, do not despair. Contact our lawyers for Geico claims to help you resolve the problem.

Contact Experienced Lawyers for Geico Claims

When you are injured in a car crash, do not delay. Contact Kruger & Hodges as soon as possible. We will guide the process from start to finish and relieve the stress of the situation. Our team works directly with Geico to negotiate the proper settlement or take further legal action when necessary. We are happy to provide you with a free initial consultation. Contact Kruger & Hodges to discuss your accident today.

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