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truck accidents in Elkton

FedEx Truck Accidents

FedEx Truck Accidents

In 2014, a special NBC report indicated that FedEx Freight, a major international shipping carrier and division of FedEx, had as many as 730 accidents in just a two-year span, and the company was cited for unsafe driving more than 679 times. These numbers offer just a subtle glimpse into the dangerous world of freight shipping in the U.S. Even companies with otherwise terrific safety records may have a real problem with dangerous and careless drivers and other employees. When trucking operations and their negligent drivers fail to follow basic safety rules on the road, deadly collisions can happen. Here are a few things to consider if you are ever involved in FedEx truck accidents or with one of their drivers.

Stop and Call for Help

While it may seem obvious that the FedEx truck is owned and operated by FedEx, make no assumptions. Never allow the other driver to just leave the scene, even if he or she offers to give you a number or carrier information. Instead, be polite and explain that you would prefer to have the police and emergency crews on scene to investigate. Doing this will ensure that an official record is created. It will also ensure that police can gather the correct legal information from the driver. Some truck drivers will give a fake phone number or make up insurance information in order to avoid having an injured person contact their company about the crash. By having the authorities on scene of a FedEx truck accident, you make sure that you are getting the correct information you will need to resolve a claim.

Take Photos of the FedEx Truck Accident

Try to get photographs of the damaged parts of both vehicles, but also get pictures of the control number, DOT and carrier numbers on the side of the actual power unit (i.e. tractor). These numbers will help you and your truck accident lawyer determine the actual owner and operator of the unit. In some cases, a private contractor or subcontractor company may be operating the vehicle, as opposed to FedEx Freight. If this is the case, it may actually be someone else you need to deal with to resolve your claim.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Delays in getting care are perhaps one of the top reasons why insurance carriers and major trucking companies refuse to pay claims or reduce the value of claims. Consider this: If you wait several days or weeks before going to the doctor for your injuries, the insurance company or trucking company may say that your injuries are not related to the crash. Therefore, since you do not have clear evidence that the crash caused your injuries, they may refuse to pay. This can leave you hung with the cost and difficulty of a permanent injuries.

Do Not Talk to Insurance Adjusters

Insurance claims reps are very good at getting people to give recorded statements and then twisting and misusing those statements to refuse compensation. Before you take chances speaking with a trucking company’s insurance reps, you should always speak with a skilled truck accident lawyer first. Give Kruger & Hodges a call today, and speak with a truck accident attorney free of charge to find out if you have a case.

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