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Middletown, Ohio Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers in Middletown, Ohio

Located in both Butler and Warren counties, Middletown has a comparatively large population of more than 48,000 people. Due to its size, Middletown sees many car accidents each year. In 2017, there were seven deadly car accidents in Middletown. Some of the locations where these accidents occur include Manchester Avenue, Columbia Avenue, and North University Boulevard. No matter how or where Middletown car accidents occur, the results are often devastating. One of the best ways to avoid the severe injuries that result from these accidents is to understand some critical details about how accidents occur. Contact our Middletown, Ohio car accident lawyers if you need help.

Common Types of Middletown Car Accidents

Car accidents in Middletown, OH can occur in various ways, but some of the most common include head-on, rear-end, multiple vehicle, single vehicle, and side-impact collisions.

There are just as many causes behind these accidents, although the most common include:

  • Aggressive driving. Motorists who tailgate or weave through traffic are at elevated odds of ending up in a deadly accident. In the most serious cases, aggressive driving quickly devolves into road rage, in which a motorist is more focused on retaliating against another driver for a perceived wrong rather than driving safely.
  • Distracted driving. By attempting to multitask while operating a motor vehicle, drivers compromise their ability to safely navigate the surrounding conditions. This is true whether a distraction involves texting, checking social media, putting on makeup, or one of many other activities. Even if a driver’s attention is taken off the road for several seconds, the driver may not have a sufficient amount of time to avoid a collision.
  • Ignoring traffic laws. Drivers who engage in reckless driving patterns like speeding, running red lights, or failing to stop at stop signs are at increased risk of being in accidents. While many motorists follow traffic laws, not everyone does, and as a result, no motorist is completely safe from accidents.
  • Intoxicated driving. When drivers are either drunk or under the influence of drugs, their chances of ending up in a serious accident are much greater. Ohio takes operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI) charges very seriously and these offenses carry large fines and potential imprisonment.
  • Vehicle defects. Sometimes, car accidents are not caused by drivers. Instead, some car accidents are the result of defective or faulty products. Drivers can experience issues with brakes, engines, steering wheels, or other vehicle parts that can quickly leave them unable to safely control a vehicle.

Sadly, no matter how safely Ohio motorists operate their vehicles, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of ending up in an accident caused by any one of these factors.

Pursuing Compensation After Middletown Car Accidents

Some people think that physical injuries are the only damage caused by car accidents, but in reality, accidents can leave victims facing various other complications. Oftentimes, accident victims must not only respond to physical injuries, but also psychological harm.

Our lawyers have experience helping car accident victims pursue compensation for various injuries, such as:

  • Broken bones are a common result from car accidents, but the substantial forces involved in a vehicle impact can also shatter bones
  • Emotional trauma is just as harmful as physical injuries even though it cannot be seen and can easily be hidden. Many car accident victims end up developing anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder following accidents. Some common symptoms of these conditions include irritability, chronic fatigue, sleep loss, and difficulty focusing.
  • Lacerations, which can result in substantial bruises and cuts. Sometimes, victims even lose limbs in car accidents.
  • Spinal cord injuries, which have the potential to result in long-lasting consequences including limited mobility and paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injuries, which can impact a person’s ability to communicate, remember, and keep emotions under control.
  • Whiplash, which frequently leaves car accident victims with dizziness, headaches, and other substantial injuries.

Based on the seriousness of the car accident, the resulting damages can range greatly. Many victims discover that the costs of medical bills, as well as associated recovery expenses, quickly add up. There is also often the difficult question of whether to repair or replace a damaged vehicle. This too often culminates with lost wages because workers are not able to promptly return to work.

Speak with a Skilled Middletown Car Accident Lawyer

When Middletown car accidents occur, victims often find themselves facing countless complications. As an accident victim, you have the right to pursue compensation, and an experienced attorney can help. Contact Kruger & Hodges today to schedule a time to discuss your case with our Middletown, Ohio car accident lawyers.

Fun Facts about Middletown

There are a few theories where Middletown got its name. One theory is that Middletown founder, Stephen Vail, called it Middletown because he had come from Middletown, New Jersey. Another theory is that Middletown got its name because it is the midway point of navigation on the Great Miami River. Or Middletown is named because it is halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. While Middletown may look different than it did in its founding, there is still plenty to check out like the Sorg Opera House or the Veterans Memorial at Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum. 

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