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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Monroe, OH

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Monroe, OH

You may be eligible for compensation if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. All you have to do is contact the Kruger & Hodges personal injury lawyers serving Monroe, OH.

It is also important to note that personal injury falls under different categories. Here is all you need to know about these cases. 

Ohio Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury cases in Monroe, and any other area in Ohio, are time-restricted. Generally, you have up to two years to take legal action in Monroe if you or your loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Additionally, the modified comparative negligence rule applies throughout Ohio. Per this rule, your compensation amount depends on your contribution to the injury. For example, if you were 20 percent responsible for the injury, you may only be able to recover up to 80 percent of the total compensation you may have been entitled to. 

As a result of this rule, it is not rare for the defense to claim comparative negligence as an excuse to share liability with the plaintiff. However, an experienced personal injury attorney from Kruger & Hodges can help you navigate these complex legal processes. 

All you need to do is contact us for a case evaluation

At Kruger & Hodges, our experienced team of attorneys and legal representatives handle a wide range of cases in Monroe, Ohio, and its surroundings. Here are a few examples of cases we can help you with. 

Car Accidents

Monroe, a small township in Butler County, Ohio, is home to about 14,000 people. But despite the small population, car accidents happen quite often in this part of Ohio. According to the Ohio State Patrol, Butler County investigated at least 257 car crash incidents in 2021 alone.

And that’s not all – the State Patrol investigated at least 181 distracted driving incidents in the county in 2021. These numbers prove that car accidents are still a significant problem in the township and the entire county.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries. In fact, most people are lucky to survive these kinds of accidents. At K&H, our truck accident attorney will fight for your rights after a car accident, ensuring you receive the compensation you need and deserve. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time in Monroe. For this reason, you need an attorney who understands the local regulations and is willing to fight for your rights. Whether you were injured when riding a motorcycle or by a negligent motorcyclist, it is advisable to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in these kinds of accidents. 

Dog Bites and Attacks

Dog bite cases are usually some of the most complicated. For example, the defense attorneys will examine what you were doing on the premises when the dog attacked you. But you shouldn’t expect the defense to play fair when it comes to these kinds of cases. Instead, they’ll try to blame you for the incident.

That’s where the importance of working with an experienced dog bite attorney comes in. The dog owner owes you a duty of care; if they fail to do so, they might owe you compensation when their dog attacks you.

Drunk Driving Accident Victim

If you or your loved one is a drunk driving accident victim, we might be able to help. These kinds of cases involve a lot of legal technicalities an experienced attorney can help you navigate. In addition, it is important that you maximize your claim if injured by a drunk driver. Hiring a competent attorney increases your chances of obtaining favorable results. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

These accidents are quite common, especially in warmer months when everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine outdoors while taking a walk or cycling. As a pedestrian or cyclist, motorists owe you a duty of care. And when they breach this duty, leading to an accident, you may be able to recover damages with the help of an attorney. 

How Do I Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for My Case?

Our region is home to numerous personal injury law firms and attorneys – you may never run out of options. However, when choosing the right attorney to handle your case, you must work only with the law firm that offers the best fit. Here are some of the most important things to consider when looking for personal injury lawyers serving Monroe, OH.

Experience: You need an attorney who is experienced in handling your specific case, whether it is a car accident, dog bite, pedestrian and bicycle accident, drunk driving accident, truck accident, etc. 

Results: Experience aside, it is important to work with an attorney with proven results handling these kinds of cases. The last thing you want is an attorney who will use your case as an experiment.

Time: You want an attorney who has time to handle your case. Experience and results count for nothing if the attorney doesn’t have time for you.

Communication: Your personal injury lawyer keeps you constantly updated about your case. To put things into perspective at Kruger & Hodges, you can reach our attorneys through their personal cell phones whenever you have questions or concerns about your case.

How Can Kruger & Hodges Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

There is no doubt that there are many personal injury lawyers serving Monroe, OH, and the surrounding towns of Middletown, Trenton, Hamilton, and beyond. But when you’re looking for a lawyer who actually cares about you and understands your concerns, Kruger & Hodges is the law firm to contact. 

Our law firm has years of experience handling different kinds of personal injury cases in Ohio. We understand how personal injury law works in this state and how best we can be of help if you or your loved one is a victim of injury. 

So call us today at 513-805-9841 or fill out our free case evaluation form, and one of our legal representatives will contact you about your case. And if you have a valid claim against the other party, we will let you know what to do next. 

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