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Car accidents happen every day in Ohio. In 2019, there were 1,041 fatal car crashes, which means there were far too many crashes in which a death occurred. That is almost three fatal car crashes per day. You may worry about car accidents while you are driving, or you might not think much about them, but either way, you should know what to do in case you are involved in a car crash in Greenville, no matter how serious it is.

How Do Car Accidents Occur?

The exact scenarios and circumstances surrounding a car crash are never the same. It could be day or night, the weather could be great or terrible, the person driving could be a seasoned veteran with no points on their record, or a reckless speed demon who is driving under a license suspension. No matter the background or surroundings, anyone can get into a car crash at any time. However, there are some circumstances that make it more likely for a car crash to occur.

Impaired and distracted driving are the main causes of car accidents. Research suggests that impaired driving may be the cause of more than half of all car crashes that occur. Impairment can come from a number of things. Drugs and alcohol can severely alter your state of mind, making it extremely dangerous to drive while under the influence of any of these substances. Impaired driving may also be caused by prescription drugs that are taken without heeding precautions given with the medication.

Distracted driving often occurs when a person is focused on a cell phone or other device instead of on the road ahead and the operation of their vehicle. Impaired or distracted driving may also be caused by excessive sleepiness, or a medical condition that makes it difficult to focus on your actions and your surroundings.

Some other main causes of car accidents are reckless driving, aggressive driving, speeding, and running stop signs or red lights. Everything can go wrong in the blink of an eye when it comes to vehicles moving quickly, especially on a highway or an unfamiliar stretch of road. This is why it is important to always pay attention to what is going on when you are on the road. Remain alert and drive defensively to increase your chances of remaining safe behind the wheel.

Where Do Most Accidents Happen?

Car accidents can happen anywhere — in your driveway, on the highway, or on that 25-mile an-hour residential road that is usually very safe. Reckless drivers, bad situations, and abnormal circumstances can lead to a bad car accident before you know what is happening.

According to statistics, more than half of all accidents occur within five miles of a person’s home, and that percentage goes up to above 75% within 15 miles of a person’s home. There are many possible reasons for this, one being that perhaps people pay less attention when they are closer to home, where they are most comfortable, than they do when they are farther away.

Another statistic that surprises people is the number of traffic crashes that occur on rural roads as compared to highways. Many people assume that highways are a bigger source of traffic accidents and fatalities, but far more fatal car accidents actually happen on rural, two-lane roads. Another sobering fact is that a majority of these accidents are on straightaways, meaning that the driver was on a straight roadway instead of a curvy section of road.

Injuries and fatalities from car accidents can be devastating to families and loved ones. Even if the car accident seems minor at first, there may be deductibles and medical bills to be paid that can put a person or a family in distress, especially with so many out of work and struggling with the COVID pandemic. There may be fines and fees associated with tickets and court costs or insurance.

Have You Been in a Car Accident in Greenville, Ohio?

Greenville and the surrounding areas are rural parts of Ohio. There is farm machinery to look out for, as well as many long rural roads that are not often well lit at night or in inclement weather. If you have been injured in a car accident in Greenville or the surrounding areas, please call the offices of Kruger & Hodges today. Our car accident attorneys can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation for your time, injuries, and distress, and help you ease the painful process of recovering from a car accident.

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