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Three Semi-Truck Accident

How Are Semi-Truck Accidents Different From Car Crashes?

How Are Semi-Truck Accidents Different From Car Crashes? There are six key differences in how passenger car crashes and accidents involving commercial motor vehicles are handled in Eaton, OH. The following reviews some of the most significant differences between these two major types of auto accidents.

Semi-Truck Accidents Often Result in More Substantial Damage

While passenger vehicle accidents can be serious, truck accidents are almost always devastating. Injuries are a common occurrence in truck accidents, and fatalities are more likely. Additionally, physical damage suffered by people and property in truck accidents is often longer-lasting or permanent. The substantial size and weight means when a semi-truck impacts another vehicle or object, it does so with a huge amount of force. Data shows that 75% of all fatal passenger vehicle accidents involve a large truck.

Trucking Companies Prepare for Accidents

When large commercial and semi-trucks are involved, there may be multiple parties who share in liability. These include multiple insurance carriers, company employees and other parties involved who may share in liability for resulting damages. Additionally, trucking carriers and truck drivers are almost always better prepared than passenger vehicles for potential litigation. Truck accident lawyers focus on minimizing the severity of accidents and know various strategies to deny responsibility for the damages you are seeking.

On a closely related note, commercial trucks almost always have much larger insurance policies than those held by passenger vehicles. For the most part, coverage of this magnitude is necessary due to the substantial damage that truck accidents can cause. Commercial insurance policies are often worth millions of dollars. It’s no surprise, then, that trucking companies often put their most experienced insurance adjusters on the case. These adjusters utilize various tactics to shift blame to the other party. Trucking companies and their insurance providers often offer accident victims an amount of money in the hopes that it convinces them to settle quickly, even when that amount is not sufficient to address all of their damages.

Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents May Differ from Car Crashes

Another substantial difference between truck accidents and crashes involving passenger vehicles is that it is often more difficult to assess the cause of truck accidents. Car accidents are often the result of a single driver’s error like operating a vehicle while distracted or speeding, but trucking accidents are often due at least in part to the truck’s gigantic size and the inability of trucks to turn or stop quickly. Another common factor in truck accidents is that equipment failure or defects can result in lawsuits against truck manufacturers. It is the responsibility of both truck drivers and trucking companies to perform routine maintenance and inspection of vehicles.

Car Crashes are Often Less Complicated Than Semi-Truck Accidents

Analyzing the cause – as well as findings of negligence and liability – is often more challenging after a truck accident. Many truck accident victims try to settle the case on their own. But too often they have not prepared to fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

More Serious Injuries in Semi-Truck Accidents Than Car Crashes

Truck accidents are almost always more devastating when it comes to the injuries incurred by victims. This is because the gigantic size and weight of trucks as compared to passenger vehicles result in much more damage. Truck accident victims are at a much greater risk of severe injuries and long-lasting disabilities. Traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, serious burns, and other lasting damage are common occurrences when truck accidents occur.

Commercial Trucking Laws Also Apply

When passenger car crashes occur, these matters often predominantly revolve around Ohio laws and case precedent. In the case of truck accidents, however, federal regulations play a role as well. This is because trucking standards created by the Federal Motor Safety Administration dictate how trucks must be operated so drivers and others on the road can stay safe. These regulations include things like hours of service rules which dictate how long and how frequently a commercial driver can operate.

Contact an Eaton, Ohio Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

The aftermath of truck crashes can leave victims in Eaton uncertain about how to proceed. One of the best steps that you can take is to promptly retain the assistance of a skilled accident attorney. Do not hesitate to contact Kruger & Hodges at our Eaton, OH law offices today.

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