Injury Attorney in Eaton, Ohio

No matter where you are, you are at risk of being injured in accidents caused by other people’s negligence. In the city of Eaton, Ohio, personal injury victims can seek compensation for their losses  according to our state laws. Although most cases of personal injury in the area are settled outside of court, you may still wish to exercise your rights and stake your claim for damages with the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Eaton.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Our firm sees many different types of injury cases.  However, the most common injuries we get calls about are the following:

These are not an exhaustive list but do represent some of the most common personal injury cases we handle.  Although they all have similarities, each type of cases has important nuances which can make a difference in how they must be handled.  You can click on some of the differing types of cases above to get more specific information.

Exercising Your Rights

It is the right of all citizens of the United States to pursue compensation when they have been injured by someone else. That means that if you have been injured by another person within the state, the courts can help you secure compensation for any damages. In many cases, injury victims suffer damages such as lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Suppose you have been accidentally injured by another person in a non-lethal accident. For instance, suppose a shovel fell from the second-story window of a building and has hit you on the shoulder. This shovel could have been thick enough to have torn your muscles and dislocated your bones upon impact. The accident has caused you to miss three days of work and you have been billed $15,000 for medical expenses. You are not sure if your shoulder will ever be the same again. What can you do?

By bringing this matter to court, you can have part or all of your core medical expenses and lost income reimbursed. Furthermore, the perpetrator can lose any license or certification relevant to the accident. If this was a construction site, then the construction company can also be penalized under 1301.99 of Eaton City’s Codified Ordinance.

What are the Limitations?

In order to keep everything just and ordered for both the perpetrator and victim, the awarding of payments for damages shall be limited to the core expenses and the perpetrator’s paying capacity. That means, therefore, that only the expenses related to the personal injury will be compensated.

Furthermore, there is a two-year deadline to file for personal injuries within the entire state of Ohio. However, it is important to note that this deadline does vary from state to state, and can have exceptions which may also differ.

As for Ohio, there are three exceptions to this rule. The first two are if the victim was either a minor or mentally incapacitated during the time of the crime. The third is if the perpetrator had left the state for a certain amount of time after the accident. This is to provide just assistance to the victim in case the perpetrator has decided to run away from the legal ramifications of their actions.

Help From a Personal Injury Attorney

The laws are there to give everyone due process and justice. Of course, not everyone is well-versed in the court’s processes, which is why it is important to consult with knowledgeable and trained attorneys on the matter. If you or someone you may know needs help with their personal injury case, the Eaton personal injury attorneys at Kruger & Hodges can help you through the legal process. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about your rights after a personal injury.

More Information about Eaton, Ohio

Eaton, Ohio is about 24 miles west of Dayton, Ohio, and is part of the Dayton metropolitan area, and is also the county seat of Preble County. The town of Eaton was platted in 1806. Eaton is named after General William Eaton who led a military march from Egypt to Tripoli. Other streets in Eaton are also named for heroes of the First and Second Barbary Wars like Barron, Decatur, Israel, Wadsworth, and Somers.

Eaton is home to two elementary schools: William Bruce Elementary School and Hollingsworth East Elementary, Eaton Middle School, and Eaton High School. Eaton schools offer athletics and  music to their students. Eaton bands have more than 200 students from 6th to 12th grade. The middle school band puts on shows throughout the year and in the spring, they compete at Music in the Parks contest. The Eaton High School has a marching band, pep band, and a concert band. Home of the Eagles, the athletics at Eaton High School range from boys’ football in the fall, to boys and girls’ basketball in the winter, to track in the spring. 

Eaton, Ohio is home to many exciting places. The Olde Schoolhouse Vineyard & Winery is located on State Route 726 and is a beautiful destination for fine wines. The Preble County Historical Society is located on Swartsel Road in Eaton, offering historical knowledge of the area. Safari Junction, located on US Route 127, is home to all types of animals, and welcomes visitors throughout the year. And, every year, Preble County hosts its Pork Festival in Eaton at the fairgrounds. The event is put on by the local community to benefit the local community. 

Eaton offers several parks for its residents and visitors to choose from. Enjoy a nice picnic or camp out at Fort St. Clair Park. Enjoy the water treatment facility at Waterworks Park. Catch a little league baseball game at Blackman Fields. Don’t forget to take a nice long walk at Seven Mile park. If you want to go for a swim, try Main Street Aquatic Center with their two pools, a diving board, and even a water slide!

The Eaton Police Division is located on Maple Street and serves the city of Eaton. Their mission is to “help save lives, protect property, and assist the citizens of the City of Eaton in their time of need.” Their guiding principals include teamwork, integrity, commitment to excellence, ethics, and professionalism. The Eaton Police Division prides themselves on using these principals in their daily lives, professional and otherwise.