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Motorcycle accidents in ohio

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Ross Township, Ohio

Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents in Ross Township

Motorcycling is enjoyed by many people in Ross Township as well as individuals who live in all other parts of Ohio. After all, south-central Ohio is known for its beautiful landscapes. Due to traffic congestion and negligent drivers, however, riding a motorcycle in Ross Township can quickly prove deadly. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash due to another’s negligence near, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers in Ross Township at Kruger & Hodges.

Common Causes of Ross Township Motorcycle Accidents

There are many causes of Ohio motorcycle accidents, but some of the most common include:

  • Reckless driving. Whether it is weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off other motorcyclists, failing to use turn signals, tailgating, or sudden braking, reckless driving greatly increases the chance that a motorcyclist will end up in an accident.
  • Drunk driving accidents. Whether it is alcohol or drugs, intoxicated motorcyclists are at great odds of ending up in a deadly accident.
  • Distracted driving. There are various ways motorists can grow distracted, which can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. When drivers and motorcyclists are distracted and fail to look out for other riders, accidents are likely.
  • Adverse weather conditions. Ohio is known for its long winters, which are a deadly time to ride motorcycles. Rain also can quickly lead to conditions that result in deadly accidents.
  • Often combined with the distracted operation of a motorcycle, there are various situations in which a motorcyclist makes an improper left turn and ends up in a deadly accident.

No matter how your Ross Township motorcycle accident occurs, several factors make motorcycle accidents much more deadly than those involving cars and other larger vehicles. One primary factor is that motorcycles lack the surrounding protection that cars have. A second factor is those motorcycle riders are often ejected from the motorcycle in the collision. Even if a motorcyclist wears adequate protective clothing and gear, the injuries following an ejection are often substantial.

Ross Township Motorcyclists and Defensive Driving

One of the best steps that Ohio motorcyclists can follow to avoid ending up in deadly accidents is to practice defensive driving. Some of the elements of defensive driving include:

  • Assuming that motor vehicle drivers cannot see motorcyclists
  • Avoiding blind spots
  • Exercising caution at intersections
  • Looking at least twice before switching lanes
  • Remaining vigilant while traveling in dangerous conditions
  • Staying visible by wearing reflective clothing

Remember, that even if a motorcyclist follows all of these precautions, these steps will greatly reduce the odds of ending up in an accident, but not eliminate them.

Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents

Helmets play a critical role in keeping motorcyclists safe, and it is recommended that you wear a helmet every time you ride a motorcycle. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and not wearing a helmet, however, this will not diminish your right to pursue compensation. If someone else negligently caused your accident, you can still pursue a lawsuit against them.

Injured Motorcycle Passengers in Ross Township

Motorcycle accidents impact more than motorcyclists. Sometimes, these accidents also impact motorcycle passengers. If you are a passenger who was injured in a motorcycle accident, you can also pursue a claim against the party responsible for your accident.

Insurance Carriers and Ohio Motorcycle Accidents

No matter if you are injured in a motorcycle that occurs in Ross Township or any other part of Ohio, there are some general truths about motorcycle accidents. One of these truths is that the insurance company will likely attempt to quickly resolve your claim. These insurance carriers offer victims less than what they deserve because carriers know that accident victims are often left facing large bills and are in a hurry to quickly resolve their claim. You should not rush into signing an agreement or any other document offered by an insurance carrier because this often will end up jeopardizing the outcome of your case.

Ross Motorcycle Accident Lawyers and Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident is a heartbreaking situation. In Ohio, the spouse, parents, or children of a person who is killed in a motorcycle accident can pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim. Ohio’s wrongful death statute creates a cause of action following a death that occurs due to another party’s negligence. The compensation available through wrongful death claims include compensation for financial losses related to a person’s death including medical, funeral, and burial costs.

Contact our Experienced Ross Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Following a motorcycle accident, it is easy for victims to end up feeling overwhelmed. One of the best steps that you can take to gain control of the situation is to retain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. Contact Kruger & Hodges today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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