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Enthusiasts of motorcycles have a love for open roads unlike anyone else. Nothing compares to riding your motorcycle through the rustic countryside or the long stretch of national highways. According to a survey in 2018, the estimated number of motorcycles on the roads of the US crossed the 12 million mark, and this number is expected to continue to climb.

For many motorcycle riders, their biggest concern is getting hit in the face with a flying bug or dealing with inclement weather. However, road dangers are only one side of motorcyclists’ problems. The likelihood of other people making a mistake on the road is higher than one might think. This is what makes riding motorcycles one of the most dangerous hobbies to enjoy.

Are You Really Safe on a Motorcycle These Days?

The number of motor vehicles on city roads and highways is drastically increasing every year. As of 2019, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) had registered more than 276 million motor vehicles. Compare this to the mere 8 million registered motorcycle riders, and you will suddenly realize how marginalized they are on the roads nowadays.

Riding a motorbike requires an acute level of attention, a wide range of protective gear (such as a helmet, gloves, and sturdy boots), and months of careful safety training. People failing to adhere to traffic rules and other safety guidelines have landed themselves in undesirable situations. In the United States, 78.3% of all reported accidents result in personal injury, and a whopping 4.24% of accidents are fatal.

Statistically speaking, highways are deemed more dangerous for motorcycle riders. Swerving high-speed cars, wind blasts from heavy vehicles, and even trash thrown out of windows can cause a rider to lose balance or traction on the highway.

Most Common Injuries Following a Motorcycle Accident

Depending on the speed, location of the incident, and size of vehicles, there can be different outcomes to a road accident. At low speeds, chances are, your final reaction will likely help you in reducing the damage and severity of the accident. In the worst scenario, you may walk away with only a bruise, road rash, or other minor injuries.

On the other hand, accidents that happen at high speeds in the presence of heavier vehicles like trucks and cars can lead to devastating outcomes. The occurrence of the following injuries is unfortunately common in such scenarios:

  • Bone fractures and dislocation
  • Concussion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • 2nd or 3rd-degree burns
  • Blood loss due to lacerations and open wounds
  • Internal bleeding and damage to organs

The aftermath of a road accident can leave victims with PTSD, brain injuries, or lifelong disfigurement. Lack of adequate protection is the primary cause of fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States. Despite knowing that helmets and other protective equipment can reduce the chances of head injuries and fatalities, many people still choose not to wear them.

What to Do if You Get Into a Motorcycle Accident

If you witness or happen to be part of a motorcycle accident, calling 911 for medical attention and care should be your highest priority. Unless you get a proper evaluation from the doctor, it can be hard to gauge the extent of external and internal injuries. Injuries may not even become evident until days or weeks after the accident.

In addition, speaking to a doctor can help you get the much-needed documentation to prove the extent of your injuries. This may be essential in helping you get the financial compensation you deserve to help you recover from the injuries.

If you had no active fault in an accident, it is critical that you make sure to keep track of as much evidence as you can. If possible, make sure to cover the following from the location of the accident:

  • Pictures of the vehicles and damage done
  • Names of the owner of vehicles involved directly
  • License plate numbers of the vehicles involved, and their make and model
  • Insurance number

All of this evidence can help you build your case, should you decide to seek compensation for your injuries following your motorcycle accident.

Have You Been in a Motorcycle Accident in Franklin, Ohio?

Here at Kruger & Hodges, we know dealing with motorcycle crashes can be stressful. The recovery process can be slow and painful, and you may not be able to work during this time. Not only will we help guide you through the legal process, but also help you get the financial restitution you need to help you recover from the accident. If you were a victim of someone else’s mistake on the road, please do not hesitate to contact our offices today.

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