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Dawn, Dusk, and Ohio Car Accidents

Car accidents throughout the state of Ohio can occur at any time, but there are certain times of the day when they are even more common. Dawn and dusk are particularly common times for accidents in Ohio for several reasons. For one, the sun at dawn can result in blare that temporarily blinds drivers. On the other hand, when dusk occurs and less light is available, it can be much more difficult for drivers to see opposing traffic and surrounding obstacles.

Both dawn and dusk in Ohio see an increased number of motor vehicle accidents because, as experts have found, approximately 90% of the data that motorists need to safely operate vehicles is gathered through a person’s eyes.

Dangers Presented by Driving at Dawn and Dusk

Many of us think little about the dangers that exist during dawn and dusk driving. There are, however, some significant risks that make these times dangerous for motorists:

  • Changes to vision. As soon as the sun rises or falls, a person’s eyes must adjust to the lighting changes. As your eyes adjust to this change, your depth perception and peripheral vision are impacted, which makes it more challenging to safely avoid hazards on the road.
  • Both headlights and traffic lights play an important role in keeping motorists safe, but the glare that shines off these objects can impact visibility. There are several precautions like wearing special glasses and focusing on the white line that can reduce the hazard of glare.
  • Decreased visibility. If you have ever seen the high beams of a vehicle approaching, it is easy to think that headlights are bright. In actuality, highlights only illuminate a section of the road. Some key parts of the road are still covered in darkness, which increases a driver’s chances of colliding with other vehicles or hazards.
  • Drowsy driving. For many motorists who operate vehicles on roadways during dusk and dawn, drowsiness is common. Many deadly accidents in Ohio occur due to sleepy drivers.
  • Many animals, including deer, tend to come out onto the road at dusk and dawn. It is common for fast-moving deer and other animals to dart out in front of vehicles, which can quickly result in deadly accidents.

Ways to Stay Safe While Driving at Dusk and Dawn

Despite the various dangers that exist on the road during dusk and dawn, there are some helpful strategies that drivers can follow to greatly reduce the risk of ending up in an accident. These tips include the following:

  • Clean both the inside and outside of your windshield. Debris that becomes trapped on a windshield can cause glare and decrease visibility.
  • Decrease your vehicle’s speed. This way in case you suddenly notice a hazard on the road, you can stop more suddenly.
  • Do as much of your driving as possible between dusk and dawn. This way you can make sure you are properly rested and have the maximum amount of visibility possible.
  • Eliminate any distractions in your vehicle. This way you can focus entirely on reaching your destination safely.
  • If you find yourself suddenly blinded by approaching traffic, look to the left edge of the road and steer along this line until you can see clearly again.
  • Increase your distance from other vehicles on the road. This way will you have more time to stop or maneuver if an emergency suddenly arises on the road.
  • Remain alert to the risk of drowsy drivers on the road. If a car near you appears to be swerving suddenly, there is a good possibility that the driver is drowsy. In these cases, it is often best to slow down and let the fatigued driver pass.
  • Routinely clean your headlights and wipe them free of debris. This ensures that your headlights emit the maximum amount of light possible.
  • Select routes that are not directly in the path of the sun. This way you can greatly decrease your chances of being blinded while driving.
  • Unless the sun is shining directly in your eyes, leave off your sunglasses while traveling at dawn and dusk.
  • When traveling during dawn and dusk, make sure your headlights are on.

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